Hello! After being at uni a little over 2 weeks, I was due to head home for the night because of a previous arrangement. I was lucky, a...

A Night with Professor Brian Cox


After being at uni a little over 2 weeks, I was due to head home for the night because of a previous arrangement. I was lucky, and thankful, that this managed to fit in with my timetable. Last year, as part of my Dad's Christmas present, my Mum and I surprised him with two tickets to go see Brian Cox, live in Preston. This was his first live touring lecture and both myself and my Dad were eager to go. I may be a drama student but I'm a big science geek and, when I can, I love watching science related documentaries. My Dad on the other hand, watches them all the time so getting to see the Brian Cox was the perfect opportunity for us to have some father-daughter time and to be amazed.

That we were!

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That is nail varnish on my thumb nail there! It's no longer like that, don't worry!
It started off with a radio 4 comedic animation on the projection which instantly got the audience laughing and excited for what was to come. And then he came on stage. The Professor Brian Edward Cox, OBE, FRS. An English physicist. An "Advance Fellow" of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. Yeah. Whatever that all means. Yet somehow he manages to come on stage and immediately inspire the audience and constantly amaze us all at how beautiful and fascinating our universe and the world around us is. I already find space and general physics quite fascinating but somehow he has the power to make me want to instantly pick up some degree level textbook and read it cover to cover 100 times over just so I can learn everything.

Of course, a lot of it can be difficult to understand without a basic knowledge but he does his best, using a lot of visual aspects and analogies to help everyone understand. The photographs and images used were phenomenal. Most were real life photos from space showing starts and planets millions of light years away. It has really sparked an interest of distance galaxies and space photography in me! He also had a fellow physician, and co-writer of his latest book Universal: A guide to the Cosmos (it's now in my Amazon wishlist), with him to answer questions. The Q and A was hosted by Robin Ince, a British comedian best knowing for hosting the BBC radio show 'The Infinite Monkey Cage with the professor himself! Robin Ince helped break up the show giving it more comedy as he recalled times at the pub with Mr Cox and did his best impressions.

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Apologies for the photo quality. No photos were allowed during the lecture so my dad quickly took this on his phone before it started. The auditorium was completely full!

Being a drama student, I also looked at the lecture in a theatrical and creative perspective. I was really interested in the idea of photographing space but I was also interested in how I could possibly combine my interest in physics with drama. Perhaps in performance or in documentary and filming. I'm still yet to completely figure that one out so if you have any ideas, please do let me know. Before looking into this too deeply I, of course, want to continue with my degree ans hope it opens up some more doors. In the future, I would consider doing to open university physics course to give me some more insight knowledge into the world around us. Hopefully I will get myself into astronomy a lot more so in my spare time I shall be watching as many documentaries as I can, reading as many books I can, and just doing as much research as I can to learn more about this fascinating world that we live in!

It just shows how a passionate person makes for an incredibly inspiring lecture! Coming out of the theatre, I truly felt inspired in all that I can achieve!

- KC xx

Have you watched any of Brian Cox's documentaries? What inspires you?

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