Hello Everybody! I hope you're doing well! I have a little bit of a fitness update to do very soon which has been a long time comin...

Post-Workout with Decibel

Hello Everybody!

I hope you're doing well! I have a little bit of a fitness update to do very soon which has been a long time coming since my last one, and I'm quite excited for that (I always feel quite proud when I do them). But before that I wanted to kind of showcase my current post-workout friend, Decibel. Not so long ago, I was contacted by a company who kindly offered me some of their protein water in return for a review (as us bloggers do) and of course I agreed!

I have never before tried using any post-workout supplements or drinks as I was always a bit unsure but after doing a little reading, I began to try out Decibel's post-workout Protein Water.

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About Decibel Nutrition

They are a fitness and lifestyle brand aiming to help everyone obtain "a better quality of life and confidence". With a connection to music, they wish to help motivate and train you harder so you can achieve the body you've always wanted. They focus on "finding your rhythm and a balance between hard work and even harder play" (quoting their website and info pack that came with the protein water).

'Train harder, progress faster and start living your life louder.'

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Decibel Nutrition Protein Water

This protein water is an alternative to the usual protein shake that most people will use which stops the post-shake bloating and theres's also no need to for drinking thick milks. Like shakes, it comes in a powder form which you then simply mix in water and drink when it's in a juice form. When I say juice form, I literally mean it is a like drinking juice. They are very light and refreshing, which is exactly what I always want after a workout.

During my workout I will of course drink water but afterwards I never want anything too filling which takes away that great post-workout feeling. In my opinion, Decibel's Protein Water fits in perfectly to my routine, allowing me to continue drink water, but with a flavour and amazingly, I still obtain all the protein I need and would usually (or maybe even not) get from a full meal.

Each serving uses 30g of 97% pure and 'ultra-lean' whey protein isolate. It comes in three different flavours, Wild Berries, Cola, and Watermelon & Peach giving you a fresh fruity taste (except the cola one of course). I've heard of strawberry, vanilla, and banana protein shakes before now but to have found something a bit more unique and tasty, makes that post-workout a bit more exciting!

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Review of the flavours

Wild Berries - I'm not normally one for berry based drinks unless it is just strawberries. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. My first impressions were "wow, this stinks!" (I think it's the whey) but after a single taste, I was amazed at how delicious it actually was!

Cola - I will be honest, this was my least favourite despite being so excited for cola flavoured water. I love cola flavoured anything but it did just taste like flat watery cola. I guess that's basically what is but I was expecting more flavour. It was still refreshing and others would probably like it more than I did but I'd personally choose one of the other two!

Watermelon & Peach - This has got to be my favourite! I always love watermelon flavoured things but this was delicious! It made me want to drink the protein water all day. The mix of the two flavours gave a subtle refreshment, exactly what you need after a hard workout!

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Overall I was really impressed with the taste and how full, but not bloated, I felt after the drinks. I still have some left so I will continue using it. I really love the quirky styled water bottle which I thought had an unusual top compared to most typical 'protein shake' bottles.

Thank you for Decibel Nutrition for sending me your products to try out! Enjoyed working with you on this!

- KC xx

Do you use any kind of protein shakes post-workout? Would you try out protein water?

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