Hey all! When my Blog-A-Day month took a turn for the worse. I was doing so well but then underestimated how difficult it would be to m...

September Review

Hey all!

When my Blog-A-Day month took a turn for the worse. I was doing so well but then underestimated how difficult it would be to move in to university and get settled. I'm still not settled even now. I've been living here for two weeks so far but I only actually start my course properly tomorrow! It's been difficult figuring out when to do things so in the end I decided to take the last couple of days off. I needed it! I had a few extra posts planned out for the end of the month but none where too important so instead they've just become October's 'ideas'! I am going back to my normal schedule now, (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and if I find myself with extra time, I'll do extras in between. But, until I'm officially got into a proper routine, that's how it will stay.

Firstly, a little update on the past week while I haven't bee blogging. I have received a few items to review which I can't wait to write about! I have also made the hockey team at uni and had a week full of inductions into my course. I also signed up to a bunch of societies and plan on joining the dance squad but after a bit of realisation into the amount of time I actually have, it looks like the societies are going to have to wait a year or so.


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Back at the end of August I did a little over view of what I wanted to achieve in September. Some were a bit ambiguous and others got taken over by trying to fit into my new uni life, but all in all I feel like September was a good month!


I realise now that I was definitely being a bit ambiguous with my social media goals. That said, I've had the largest increase in followers this month, than ever. I'm quite impressed. I didn't quite remember to promote my post on Facebook as much as I had hoped but I definitely managed to work toward receiving more sponsored posts and items to review. It's amazing how one little amount of work can make all the difference. More on the blogging side, with all the hard work I've put into my blog this month, I am very proud to say that my DA has gone from 18 to 22, which many bloggers will know to be a significant increase! I'm so proud of how far I've come in a matter of months!

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Before I came to uni I made a point of settling down for bed around 9pm and then picking up my book. I was so close to finishing it as well, then I moved and everything has been so hectic! Throughout September, I definitely got out and went exploring and walking in parks, as you'll probably know from many previous posts!

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I feel like most of these goals will now carry on over to October. I didn't go running every week but as you can see from my fitness updates, I didn't do too bad on the whole. I'm doing even better now I'm at uni too! I'm been eating a lot healthier, I'm doing hockey practices and matches, dance classes, and I'm debating on joining the gym as well. I've already been out for a run to get to know the local area and have my Parkrun barcodes. Hopefully I can fit in running and gym time around my already hectic schedule!


Of course I pretty much got everything done. The one thing that I didn't do was post any videos onto YouTube! When I have some spare time, I'm going to get started on editing some of my videos! I did get everything packed and moved to uni, and Freshers week has just finished. Word of advice to next year's freshers... don't buy tickets in advance. There will always be something on and the likelihood is, when it comes to the day, you might not want to go to that specific party! That's what happened to me!


Uni life has begun, everything is mad, and I've not managed to have a single night where I can sit in my room and chill. Hopefully I can find more time soon, once my real timetable starts. I now have a rather large reading list to get started on so I guess I'll let you know more at another time!

Hope you September went well!

- KC xx

What did you get up to in September? Did you manage to achieve your goals?

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