Ho Ho Ho Too soon? Naa! It's the end of November which means CHRISTMAS! Of course it does. I'm genuinely so excited! I abso...

Beauty Stocking Fillers - UNDER £10

Ho Ho Ho

Too soon? Naa!

It's the end of November which means CHRISTMAS! Of course it does. I'm genuinely so excited! I absolutely love Christmas as it means family time, presents, decorations, food, chocolates, being cosy, etc. I could go on (maybe that's an idea for another post). This year it really does mean a lot since at the moment I'm at university so Christmas means I get to go home and spend some proper time with my Mum, Dad and Tequi (my cat). I cannot wait!

Since I don't have much time to get out and go shopping in town, I often find myself procrastinating my work, scrolling through pages and pages of gifts. I love being able to choose unique gift ideas just so when my friends and family open their presents on Christmas day, they either smile or laugh. It's all about those moments. That little bit of surprise can really go a long way!
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I'm the sort of person who much prefers to give lots of little presents rather than one big present as that what I prefer to receive, unless it's something I really really want (like when I got my camera for my birthday). I usually try to choose something I know they would really like and then get lots of little random bits.

On the run up to Christmas, I'm going to do lots of little gift guides for him and for her. I will keep them as cheap as possible so that you could possibly buy even more. It's always great when you can buy more than one thing and keep it within you budget. Even better when you have money left over!

Today I am starting with a Beauty Stocking Fillers gift guide! Everything is UNDER £10!

Feel free to hover over each of the images to find out more info (eg. price and where they are from).

What sorts of presents do you like to receive inside your stockings? I love anything random. Bits of stationery, beauty things, food, baking utensils, etc. Bring on Christmas morning!

Happy Christmas Shopping!

- KC xx

PS. Remember if you're shopping online then if you could possibly do it through EasyFundraising, that would really help me out! It doesn't cost you any extra. All you do is shop normally and the retailers will pay a small percentage towards my fundraising. Every little really does help! https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/kiracurtis/ 

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Are there any specific gift guides you would like to see? What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas?

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