Helloooo! As you should know from the My Next Big Adventure post, I decided to take the plunge and begin my journey to the top of Afri...



As you should know from the My Next Big Adventure post, I decided to take the plunge and begin my journey to the top of Africa. Over the next year I shall be doing all that I can to raise money for a very worthy cause that is Childreach International with the main thing being my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, next August! As I already mentioned, I have a MyDonate page set up which allows people to quickly and easily sponsor me in my climb. However, relying simply on sponsors will not be enough so I have a few ideas up my sleeve I shall be sharing with you over time, but for now I want to tell you about the most recent things and how you can help out!

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Firstly, the wonderful guys at Childreach International have been helping out in anyway they can by offering fundraising workshops, giving up buckets and t-shirts, and most recently, by sending us raffle tickets to sell. So all thanks to them, I am able to offer you the chance in winning some amazing prizes. Of course this is one of those things where you would usually do it in person, but since I have most of my life on the internet, I thought, why not share it on my blog.

Here's what you can be in with the chance of winning:

1st Prize - Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter Camera Drone (Worth £229.99)

2nd Prize - £100 One4All gift card (Can be spent in over 22,000 retailers)

3rd Prize - Logitech Z333 Multimedia 80W Speakers in Black (Worth £44.99)

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Here's what you have to do:

Visit my MyDonate page and simply donate £2, make sure you leave your name. Once you'e done it let me know so I can get in contact with you because, to be able to send off the raffle counterfoils, I will need your name, address, and either a phone number and/or email. 

You can let me know by commenting on this post (letting me know you've done it), emailing me at kira@kiralcurtis.com, or tweeting me @KiraLCurtis.

All the money raised from this raffle goes straight into my fundraising page which goes straight to the charity!


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Secondly, if you're struggling for money or simply don't want to give any right now, especially on the run up to Christmas, I have the perfect way you can help!

Easyfundraising is a brilliant way for you to simply do your normal Christmas shopping and still donate money without paying anything extra. Simply click on the link, find a cause (if you type in 'Kira', it's most likely the top one), and then register with basic details. All you have to do then is shop like normal, and if you're anything like me, you spend hours searching and buying Christmas presents online through sites like Amazon and eBay. You just have one thing to do then, remember to open up Easyfundraising first before you shop. Luckily they have that covered too, you can add the donation reminder to your Google Chrome and it will automatically let you know if a certain website gives donations. Pretty much all the top retailers will give a small percentage back.

The retailers usually only give a small percentage of the overall cost of what you bought which can be a very small amount but if I can get quite a few supporters buying their Christmas shopping through it then every little really does helps and it starts to build up. It's free to do so it can really help, even if overall I only manage to make £15. At least that's £15 more than without it!

Anything you can do to help me out would really be amazing!

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Finally, I would just like to let you know about some other fundraising things I shall be doing throughout December! I'm in the process of contacting local pubs to do a themed pub quiz or even host an open mic night, and over the weekend I'll be trying to get some bag packing times scheduled in. The 6th December is my uni's Christmas Fair in which I do have a third of a stall that I shall be sharing with some others from my uni who shall be climbing the mountain with me. For the fair, and for online, both myself and my mum and been working hard to create loads of little decorations, cards and gifts to sell. I shall hopefully be setting up my own etsy shop very soon where I shall be making and selling things throughout the year. Look out for more information on all that across social media!

If you do choose to donate, purchase a raffle ticket, or help by buying your Christmas shopping through easyfundraising, I'd like to say a big, big thank you in advance. It really does mean a lot. Even if it's as simple as spreading the word to your friends, I will be eternally grateful!

Thank you,
- KC xx

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