Hey! After my slightly more negative post that was my little life update , I wanted to do a part 2 that is a lot more positive. A Littl...

Things to be happy about


After my slightly more negative post that was my little life update, I wanted to do a part 2 that is a lot more positive.

A Little Life Update Part 2

I want to focus on all the things I have to be happy about at the moment and what there is to look forward to, both in the short term and long term. Since I have been so ill at uni which made me struggle to keep on top of things, I haven't been able to do some of the things I love. Now, it's time to change that and focus of what I want.


- My pot of money that I have raised offline for my Climbing Kilimanjaro is slowly starting to increase. It's now over £50 with an extra £115.96 raised online (not including gift aid).

- I've been eating proper meals pretty much everyday, and by proper I mean steaks, pork chops, stir fry, etc. It feels great to get some good food and cooking it is a good stress reliever!

- I have signed for a two bedroom house with my boyfriend for the next academic year. It's a lovely little terrace house with a big master bedroom and brand new fitted kitchen. All our bills shall be included in out rent too, including TV license! I'm sure I'll share more information on that when I finally move in!

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- I have been asked to be the choreographer in a production of Aladdin students are putting on here at Uni.

- Tomorrow I am going to York to see my Mum and Dad. I'm very excited about this as we're going to the Christmas markets and possibly the Railway Museum. After my last visit home, I need to spend more time with my parents so I can't wait. Luckily my timetable has worked out that I can stay for two nights as well!

- Last night I went to see a production of Dracula put on by the Drama Society and hopefully I shall be going to see their production of Neverwhere too!

- On Saturday I have a dress rehearsal for my dance show which is the following Saturday! I will be in three dances, including intermediate Lyrical, beginner ballet and open tap. Three styles of dance I have never done before so it has been nice getting to try out something completely new!

- For the past week or so I have been doing lost of crafts making all sorts of decorations and cards that I can sell for charity. I love making things and since I haven't done it in such a long time I've really enjoyed it. I hope I can make a lot of money!

- Following on from that, on December 6th I shall be selling the things I have made at my university's Christmas Fair. Anything that I don't sell shall be sold through Facebook and perhaps on Etsy.

- I've been considering selling both my PS2 (and games) and my Wii so myself and my boyfriend can buy a Wii U. What do you think?

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- I finally bought a FitBit around a month ago and it's been my favourite thing! I got the brand new FitBit Flex 2 and over the past two weeks, at least, I've done really well to do over 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week!

- A while back I was sent a few items to review, the first being an Eve Mattress memory foam pillow and the second being Slendertone. Because of how ill I've been, I had to put blogging on pause so I haven't been able to do a full review yet. In short for now, the pillow is amazingly comfortable and the Slendertone has really helped out my core strength!

- I found EasyFundraising, which I mentioned in my last post, and just by doing my usual Christmas shopping I've already started to raise that little bit extra for Childreach International. You can do the same to by clicking here!

- I only have two full weeks left of this semester then I'm a sixth of my way through my full degree already! In second semester we get to change modules too so hopefully I can start learning something new!

- Most of all I can't wait to finally be home for Christmas! Because I'm at uni I won't be able to help decorate the house like I have done for every year of my life but at least I can go home to a nice cosy and warm house, and sit and watch Christmas movies with my mum, drink hot chocolate, and devour an entire box of Celebrations. I cannot wait!

(Most of the instagram photos are from last years Christmas - time to start taking lots of Christmassy pics!)

When I think about it, there is actually quite a few things to be happy about at the moment. I think most of us can agree that 2016 has been a pretty bad year all round but it has had it's good moments. It's not over yet though so it's time to get into the Christmas spirit and make the most of this last month and a bit!

What have you got to be happy about? What are you looking forward to the most?

- KC xx

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