Hey! IT'S DECEMBER!  CHRISTMAS WOOOOO I cannot wait! I honestly don't think I have ever been so excited for Christmas. ...

To Do in December




I cannot wait! I honestly don't think I have ever been so excited for Christmas. Since I'm stuck at uni at the moment with so much to do, it will be really lovely to be able to go home and spend some nice relaxing time with my Mum and Dad, and some friends! I have already mentioned in a few recent posts (eg. A little life update and Things to be happy about) how I have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks before I head home so now, at the risk of repeating myself, I want to list those things as a way of just letting you know what I'm up to and a way of reminding myself. I've had to remind myself a thousand times today already because I keep forgetting something. Let's go!

Saturday 3rd - Dance show dress rehearsal
Sunday 4th - Panto Rehearsals
Monday 5th - Rehearsals for Friday's assessment, Sound meeting & Tap class
Tuesday 6th - Hull Uni Christmas Fair where I shall be selling a whole bunch of hand-made decorations & Tap class
Wednesday 7th - I'm sure there is something, probably more rehearsals!
Thursday 8th - 3 hour practical seminar in preparation for final week monologue assessment
Friday 9th - Seminar Assessment on Surrealism (performance) & last dance classes in ballet and lyrical before the show
Saturday 10th - Dance show!
Sunday 11th - Panto rehearsals and maybe a 5K Santa Run (not decided if I have the time yet)

snowman, christmas, decoration, stocking filler, holidays, seasonal, december, fair, stalls, fundraising

decoration, christmas, holidays, december, seasonal, stocking fillers, fundraising, charity
These are both items I shall be selling at the Christmas stall at university! I have been making some decorations and cards whilst my Mum was doing some knitting. My wonderful Mum made both of these for me as well as lots of other things!
That's just a quick rough list of everything that's going on. Throughout the next week I shall also need to be doing more Panto rehearsals and a lot more rehearsals in preparations for Friday's assessment. Of course I also need to prepare my monologue assessment. I think I managed to get myself involved in a little too much. I will admit, I'm stressing quite a lot, but I don't think it helps that I'm struggling to sleep and not getting enough time to relax and look after myself. After being so ill at the beginning of the semester, I have been drinking Lidl's own version of Berocca to attempt to keep my immune system up!

I stopped at the beginning of the final week too. That week I will have even more Panto rehearsals as show nights are from Wednesday to Saturday. Luckily most of my lessons will have finished by then so it's just a matter of preparing for my assessment on the Thurday (15th) and then I might have a Friday 9am lecture. Fun. Fun. Fun. Then that is it! (Other than the shows) We officially finish on the 16th so my parents are coming across to stay at a pub for two nights whilst we go round the Christmas markets before heading back to Lytham. Every Monday I have hockey practice 6-8pm too and sometimes games on Wednesday's and Saturday's. I think it's all going to be a matter of prioritising!


1. Write things down - I'm usually really good at this as I'm forever making lists but I think it's got to the point now where I forgot to write one thing down then it's all suddenly mounted up.

2. Prioritise - As I mentioned, it may get to the point where hockey practice is just going to have to wait until semester 2 from now on. I'm struggling for time enough as it is!

3. Use all my free time - I don't have a lot of free time but where I do, I need to plough on with my fundraising ideas and writing blog posts. Also, I could be starting my essays that are due in on the 9th January. That way I might have even more relaxing time when I'm at home.

4. Christmas Shop - Whenever I get chance, I seem to procrastinate by scrolling through Amazon or eBay. It helps me get my Christmas shopping sorted though. I also need to write down what I've already got for people and what I still need to get. In the final week where I have an afternoon off, I can then nip out and get what I need. (Remember if you're buying online, do it through easyfundraising to help my raise money for Childreach International for free!)

5. Relax - I need to take a break every once in a while. I could do with watching a bit of TV, having an early night, or a nice long hot shower (since we don't have a bath). I haven't had chance to finish my book off yet either - I'm really not doing well with this year's reading challenge, I'm about 50 under!

A lot of people do see Christmas as a very stressful time of year but right now, the idea of Christmas seems really calming. Bring on sitting in the front room with my Mum, a hot chocolate, a box of Celebrations and a Christmas movie. And a double bed. And a bath. And Christmas games with my Mum and Dad. And big roast dinners. Until then, let's push through these next couple of weeks. Only two more left. Can't believe it is only two weeks and yet there's so much to get done!

Two weeks then I will be a sixth of the way through my university degree!

Good luck to everyone else who has a hectic schedule for these coming weeks.
We can do this!

- KC xx

What's your diary like on the run up to Christmas? How are you doing with your Christmas shopping?

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