Hello! Today I just wanted to do a short post relating to the next UK Blog Awards competition. For the first time ever, my blog has bee...

Why I Blog


Today I just wanted to do a short post relating to the next UK Blog Awards competition. For the first time ever, my blog has been entered into a blogging competition and, until the 18th December, voting is now open. If I'm being honest, I don't think it takes much to be on the entries list but it damn well can take a lot to be on the shortlist! That seems so far away but it's always worth a try.


Since this is my first blog related competition, I don't really know how things role but I know that if I were somehow to manage to get even close to being shortlisted, it would be incredible! Over the past year I have had some serious ups and downs. I don't want to go into too much detail but I could honestly say that 2016 has been the worst. I truly cannot think of a year where things have been so bad. Not necessarily just for me, but for everyone, and I think everyone can agree. The only good thing to come out of this year is my blog.

I began blogging years ago whenever I got annoyed, stressed out, or angry and I would anonymously rant about all things life. Over time I tried transitioning into something more public and more lively. The design was rubbish, the commitment wasn't there, and really I just wasn't old enough to understand. I rebranded my blog late last year in the mindset that I would begin to take it seriously. Even that didn't stick. Finally, I rebranded for a 5th time (at least) and became what is now kiralcurtis.com. In times of struggle, focusing on this blog was the only thing that got me through and I have become incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication that I have put into it.

It has helped me understand what aspects of my life I love, and which I hate. I know now that a life where I can be my own boss, writing articles on the little website would be a dream. Obviously right now, focusing on that is a little difficult but at least I know one day where I wish to be. I want to document my travels, explore new things, learn more about the world. Though blogging this year alone, I feel I'm already a quarter of the way there.

It's the one thing I know I want to carry on, no matter how much I just want to give up and have spare time to myself sometimes. Instead, I open up my laptop and begin to write. I can be the best feeling to simply pour out all the words I need to, to get rid off any negative thoughts. Some people see knitting as a relaxational tool, I find writing and blogging is the one for me. Considering how much I always hated English lessons at school, I now write about a trendy fashion brand or make up I probably would never have heard of. Having knowledge simply from reading and writing really give you a certain pride in knowing none of this was taught at school!

In short, if you could vote for me that would be amazing and really would mean one hell of a lot!

I have been entered in to both the Lifestyle and Travel categories with the main posts being:


These are two post I am incredibly proud of, not just because of the way they are written, or the engagement, but because of the content and how they each show things I've achieved and how far I've come in the past year. I have really begun to focusing my life in pursuing the things I love and that's all I can ever wish to do! 

All the best to all the other entries and thank you so much if you choose to vote!

- KC xx

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