Hello! So far I've done a bucket list , set myself fitness goals , and general resolutions , but I guess it's time to think abo...

Blogging Goals 2017


So far I've done a bucket list, set myself fitness goals, and general resolutions, but I guess it's time to think about my blog, and what I want to get out of it this year! Last year I set myself so slightly unrealistic goals across my social media, ones that I really didn't try to achieve either. On the other hand, I manage to keep up my blog and it became something I am incredibly proud of. In March, I bought my own domain and since then it had constantly been increasing! One of my main goals for this year is to get myself in to a proper routine, one that does also include my blog as during my first semester at university, I struggled a lot! Now is time to focus on improving everything that I can blog wise and making sure I work on it regularly!

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Blogging Goals

- Reach a DA of 27 (Seems like a random number but it's one of my lucky numbers and that only means going up by 5.)
- Make sure I reply to most comments (I always forget or can never find the time so I need to make sure I start doing!)
- Work to do more sponsored posts and product reviews so I can start building up an income
- Schedule posts at least 2 weeks in advance (I'm getting there... I've just got to keep it up!)

YouTube Goals

Actually posting videos would be a good start! I don't want to set myself any specific goals but I would just like to get back into filming and editing. I did the Adrenaline Rush video last year and that was about it so I want to start editing together some travel videos, maybe even do the odd cover or something. We'll see. My main goal is to just upload some content!

Social Media Goals

- Reach 700 Facebook likes
- Reach 1500 Instagram followers
- Reach 2500 twitter followers
- Increase following on Bloglovin' and Pinterest
- Post photos on Instagram more often
- Use buffer more regularly to schedule promotion tweets and facebook posts

There we go, I think these are a bit more achievable! Especially in comparison to last years. I know this year is going to be pretty busy with university, travelling (hopefully), and fundraising so I really hope I can keep everything up. Somethings I do are going to stop to give me more time for other things but it's all going to be a process of working things out. I am feeling pretty motivated so I believe I can do it! 

- KC xx

What are some of your goals this year? Do you find it difficult to fit everything in?

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