Hello! How has the very start of 2017 been for you? I've been feeling quite motivated and I'm ready to get myself into a pr...

Bucket List 2017


How has the very start of 2017 been for you?

I've been feeling quite motivated and I'm ready to get myself into a proper routine and start focusing on the things I want to achieve so now is finally the time to write my 2017 bucket list! I always love writing bucket lists because it gives me something to look back on later to tick off things one by one and see how well I'm doing. It's also a simple way to set yourself little goals that may or may not have anything to do with your career.

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- Read 50 books (After failing last year's goal miserably I decided around one a week would do.)

- Do a 10k obstacle course race

- Raise £3000 for Childreach International

- Become at least 30% fluent in Spanish (using Duolingo)

- Learn to play at least one song on the guitar

- Do an online course in ancient history

- Write a play or book (I don't normally complete things like this so the idea is to complete it!)

- Visit at least 5 UK places that I have never been to before

- Start a memory scrap book

- Donate blood! I couldn't last year but since I turn 20 this year I will hopefully be able to.

- Post at least 3 singing covers online

- Film and edit my travels

- Complete a 30 day challenge

- Make my own bath bombs and soaps

- Start an inspiration board

- Reread the Harry Potter series (I started and finished the first two just before New Years.)

- Have a go at Laser Tag

- See at least 20 shows

- Do an online course on astronomy/physics

- Book a trip (Ideally it will to Mexico again but that depends on how much money I can earn and save!)


There we are. 20 things to do in 2017. Seems mad that it's actually 2017 and in only three years time it will be 2020. We all know how fast these years can go so I better get started on working towards my goals and ticking off this list! I know a lot of things will probably get done of the summer holidays when I have much more free time but there are some things, like raising the money, that I have earlier deadlines for so I'm working on them now. 20 shows might seem a lot but with my degree I'm lucky enough to see productions put on my the department. Just last semester I saw around 10 and with it being city of culture this year, I wouldn't be surprised if I see a lot more!

Good luck to all of you on you 2017 bucket lists and all your goals!

- KC xx

Do you set yourself a bucket list? If so, what is on it this year? 

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