Good Day to you all! Oh how very posh... Hope you've all recovered after New Year's Eve now and are ready to go back to work,...

January Goals

Good Day to you all!
Oh how very posh...

Hope you've all recovered after New Year's Eve now and are ready to go back to work, school, college, or university! I'm getting there at least. It had been really nice getting to spend some time at home with my parents and cat. I have had the chance to relax, have some warm baths, get myself a little more organised and prepared for the new semester at university. January is always the month to set yourself goals for the year, which I'm getting round to, but in all that planning, you often forget to plan the actual month. So, today I want to set myself some goals specifically for January and hopefully they will also help me out in the long term too!

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- Set myself a routine 
I shall write out a daily schedule that's flexible so that at each weekend I can properly organise my week ahead.

- Meal Plan 
At the end of last semester I was beginning to eat well but now is time I fully plan what I will be eating for the week so I know when to get meats out of the freezer. It will also make it much easier when it comes to food shopping.

- Prepare for assessments 
On January 13th and 18th I have assessments. Shortly after that I have a portfolio due in, with another essay due in on Feb 1st. I need to make sure I am arranging rehearsals, especially if other people aren't, and working hard to hopefully get another first which will be a great way to finish off first semester.

- Start Kilimanjaro Training 
One of my main 2017 new year resolutions is to train, so off to the gym I go. So far I've been researching best way to train for a mountain climb and I've come to the conclusion that the best thing is to do a lot of walking and hiking so I've been looking at various routes near where I am.

- Get fundraising 
So far I have done a few stalls but they aren't proving to be very successful so I'd like to focus on doing some bigger events starting with a pub quiz then possibly a family fitness day. I have already sent out some emails and even has some responses so hopefully by the end of the month I will have multiple events planned out and hopefully that will be a very big chunk of what I need to raise.

- Blogging
I was doing so well with my blogging until I went to unversity when I found it difficult to find time when I wasn't ill to focus on writing posts and promoting post. As part of my routine, I want to make sure I have the time to regularly work on my blog so I can keep improving.


I really want to get myself into a proper routine of getting up early, going to the gym and then working on the things I need to, like fundraising and blogging. I often have spurts of motivation but at the moment I am feeling motivated more often than not and it's a great feeling. I know it may be hard as I am only spending two weeks at university to then come home for another week, so the routine is going to be a bit of a mess but January is just the start! 

Hope you're all feeling ready for a new start!

- KC xx

What are your goals this month? Willl you be starting fresh?

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