Happy Sunday Everyone! Now it's not very often I publish posts at the weekend, but I got too excited. I've mentioned this befor...

Keeping your home safe when travelling

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Now it's not very often I publish posts at the weekend, but I got too excited. I've mentioned this before but...


It was a hard decision to choose against going back to Mexico but eventually myself and Edmond decided that Dom Rep was the better option for this year as it worked out around £300 cheaper for the same deal, different country. I have been there before (this will actually be my 8th time) but I haven't really had the chance to explore or make long lasting memories - I was a lot younger. The plan this time round is to make the absolute most of it, as you should with any holiday, and get out and about seeing the sights and learning more about the history of one of my favourite countries!

In preparation for the holiday, it's time to start thinking about what I need and what needs doing before we jet off in June. One of the most important things to think about when planning to travel is keeping your home safe. Now, at the moment I'm living at uni but in June I will be back home with my parents so luckily I have them to watch over my things and of course, the house. But when we're all away at the same time, it gets a little different.

SimpliSafe have created a handy infographic giving some top tips on keeping your home and belongings safe whilst you're away. They are sharing it to encourage everyone to share their own tips!  Feel free to save it and print it out ready for when you are planning to go on holiday!

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There are definitely some ideas on here that I've never thought of. It's definitely important to keep your house as clean and tidy as you can whilst you're away; if it looks dirty then people will start realising there is no one currently there! On another note, there are a few things that we do at home not listed! 

How we keep the house safe:

- Make sure all the doors and windows are locked and no keys are in sight
Most people tend to close their windows without locking them properly these days but it's important that, whilst you're away, the keys are properly used. Once we've used them, I know it becomes a habit to just leave them in plain sight on the windowsill so hide them away in drawers or under ornaments. If you have to, write down in your phone (as long as you're taking your phone with you) where you've put them so you don't forget.

- Leave a light on, or the radio
Even if we're just going out for the day or night, we always leave a lamp on. It started off as a way to let the cats see where they are going, but of course they don't need it. Now we always leave a lamp on in the corner of the back room, as from our front windows you can nearly see straight through the house. Leaving the radio on is also a good way to make it sound like people are in, whether or not you can see anyone.

- House sitter
We always ask my best friend to look after the house. She only lives across the road and it's easy enough for her to pop round on the way home from work. Having someone regularly checking up on the house gives you the reassurance that if anything does happen, you can find out quickly. Not only is this great for your house sitter, so they can earn a little bit of extra money or a bottle of wine, but you can ask them you feed your pet and water the plants!

- Lights, camera, alarms
Setting up in and outside house alarms and camera definitely helps. It was said that there had been some break ins around our area and bikes were being stolen from sheds and garages. To prevent this from happening, we've installed a motion sensor light in the back garden and put up a little CCTV camera. Of course a "Smile, you're on CCTV" plaque is a must! Motion sensor alarms are the best burglary prevention for inside your house, as long as you don't have pets that will set them off all the time. If you do, then make sure your pets can't go into the rooms where the sensors are. Another option is to get sensors that are pet-friendly like this wireless security system!

- Keep Quiet!
Don't tell people when exactly it is your going away. Tell family and friends, that's fine as long as they don't go blabbing your address to other people. Avoid posting things on social media that suggests your house is free. Save the holiday photos until you get back! 

How do you keep your house safe when travelling?

- KC xx

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