Hello! Over the Christmas period, last year, I was quite happily relaxing knowing that 2017 wasn't too far away. I was extremely lo...

Returning to the Kruger


Over the Christmas period, last year, I was quite happily relaxing knowing that 2017 wasn't too far away. I was extremely looking forward to the new year and a chance for a bit of a fresh start. Whilst I was reflecting on things back home, my boyfriend was sunning it up in South Africa, yet again. Lucky him! This was his 11th time! One day I'll get to go too but until then I keep getting him to write posts for my blog so I can read about his trips. Not much changes each time, which is one of the reasons I think he loves it so much, but the photographs he brings back are always phenomenal. BBC Wildlife 2017 worthy I'm sure (or maybe 2018)!

Here is his post from his most recent trip:

On the 27th of December 2016, I set off on a trip to the Southern Hemisphere, more specifically The Kruger National Park - South Africa. I have been several times before but this time was definitely unique for a number of reasons, making it a very memorable experience to say the least.

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            First of all the trip there was, without exaggerating, the worst we've ever had. Delays after delays after delays. Heathrow to Johannesburg is a long trip as it is (around 11 hours), and having to sit on the run way for an added two hours whilst they de-ice the wings was a little frustrating. However when they said over the intercom "We should be able to make up the time as it's a longer flight", it made me think twice about being too disgruntled. That was until we turned up at Johannesburg... two hours late!! The next problem we encountered came very shortly after leaving the plane. As an Englishman, I am genetically inclined to be accepting of queues. The border control queue at O.R. Tambo International however tested my resolve to the extreme. Due to their fancy high-tech finger print scanning system they had in place, coupled with the arrival of another one or two international flights coming in at the same time, it resulted in what must have been a further two hours of queuing to get through. Luckily for us, our following flight was delayed too so we did manage to get to the gate in time. This flight was then going to be put back for several hours. So, a plane that was originally due to leave at 10:15am eventually left at 6:30pm.

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            Aside from this, the holiday was amazing! We went on safari for just over a week and I think we saw more animals than ever before. As I have said on the last post about Safari in South Africa, we go out on two drives a day. Woken up at 5am, the first drive starts at 5:30am. These tend to be about 3 hours long with a drinks/ toilet break half way. The second drive is in the afternoon at 4pm for a further 3-ish hours, with another break in-between.

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            It's a beautiful place and we saw some amazing animals. I am lover of wildlife and wildlife photography so it's the perfect place to go to hone my skills. As you can see from the photos throughout this post, we saw a huge quantity of animals. We saw a lot - Lions, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo, Gnu (Wildebeest), Impala, Zebra, Giraffe to list just a selection. I really recommend this place to anyone wanting a truly "wild" experience, it's unlike anything else you will ever see. As much as I think zoos do a good job of preserving life and species under threat, it's easy to notice the difference between a truly wild animal and one in an enclosure.  

- Edmond :D


There we go. Amazing right? He did come back with an annoyingly good tan too (so I keep pointing out his funny tan lines to make me feel better). Just shows how disrupted journeys really don't have to ruin your holiday!

Talking of holidays, too make me feel a lot better (although this will be Ed's second time being abroad in 2017), we have finally booked our holiday of the year! 


We are going to a hotel I have been to before and this will be my 8th time to the country so I can slowly catch up on Ed's 11 to South Africa. When I've been previously though I was always too young to go exploring so I intend to see much more of the area's, if not the country's, history and culture. I cannot wait and the countdown begins! Time to start holiday shopping! I'm sure there will be many posts on their way!

See you all soon!

- KC xx

Is there a country or place you always find yourself returning to? What's your next holiday?

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