Hey! It's Monday, which means a brand new week. Thank goodness! Sometimes you just know when a week is going bad. That's what l...

Barefoot Day!


It's Monday, which means a brand new week. Thank goodness! Sometimes you just know when a week is going bad. That's what last week was. Anyway, I'm hoping things will pick up this week when I can get myself back into routine!

Last Thursday marked one of the first main fundraising days for me. It was BAREFOOT DAY! I decided to go about my usual day wearing nothing on my feet thinking that it wouldn't be so bad and I could raise a little money from it. That was until Storm Doris hit. I'll admit, it hasn't been as bad as the North West (where I'm actually from) but it was icy cold and wet!

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Normally I sleep in socks and cannot stand not wearing socks at any time so going to bed without socks on so I could wake up with bare feet was difficult. Getting ready in the morning also felt so weird as I was about the put my shoes and socks on then set off, until I remembered that I couldn't. It's such an odd feeling to go against your usual routine in such a way!

The weather seemed alright. It was quite sunny and dry so I thought the day would go ok. That was until I stepped outside the back door and nearly got blown over! I had to walk on our gravel driveway first thing, so there I was jumping straight in at the deep end. I wouldn't be too surprised if there are glass shards all over the place too. Walking to university gradually got colder and colder until I could no longer feel my feet at all. You know when your hands and arms go numb in the cold and it hurts to touch anything? Yeah, that's what it was like but of course I was walking on hard ground (pavement) and across roads, so it hurt every step.

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I could get away with doing my lesson with bare feet since it was a movement class and it was nice to get a bit of support from my classmates. It wasn't until afterwards when I went into the Student Union building to get some lunch that one guy told me to go put some shoes on. I explained I was doing it for charity but he didn't want to listen telling me that I could stand on something and hurt myself. Er, yeah that's the point, it's daring! I was a little annoyed and just went straight to my seat and had to get someone else to go up and order my food in case I got kicked out.

Sitting around wasn't as bad as walking around outside but it was still quite horrible for me. My feet were freezing and sweating at the same time making me feel extra dirty and generally clammy. I didn't know where to put my feet at all. 

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Walking home was a little worse than the morning. I was lucky to miss out the torrential rain pour but it had left puddles everywhere and the floor was much colder. I tried walking a bit faster, almost doing a light jog, to try and keep my circulation going but my feet went very numb and painful. It's a pretty short walk home from uni so it's amazing how much the cold can really hurt! I was dared to walk on more gravel and through puddles and since it's for charity, I wasn't going to say no.

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I still kept my feet bare at home and again the whole cold sweating thing was happening which is just not nice. There is also glass on the kitchen floor that I think has been walked on to the carpet.

It's safe to say I have never been more glad that I can wear socks and shoes. The first pair I put on were my fluffy slipper socks and I immediately felt so much better! Really makes you appreciate how important shoes and socks are to keep you healthy!

All this was, of course, for charity. If you didn't know already then I am raising money for Childreach International and have a goal of £3000 to reach before the end of June. I'm doing lots of little things to raise the money. In the end I shall be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in August, as my final challenge. This Barefoot Day was the first of this years little challenges that I set myself in hopes of raising a bit more each time. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be but nonetheless, an interesting way of raising money and hopefully I can raise a bit more from it over the week!

If you would like to donate, which would be amazing and a massive help, then you can visit my MyDonate page and enter however much you would like, or simply text UNLOCK193351 to 70007 to donate £3! Any amount really helps, even £1 or some spare change that you have! 

Otherwise I'd be really grateful if you could spare some time if you can't donate money. It would be wonderful if some people could take in a sponsorship form to get friends, family, or work colleagues to sponsor me. Or if you could simply share this and get your followers to donate! Everything really helps me out so much!

Thank you for all the support!

- KC xx

I already have a lot of ideas of ways to raise money but do you have any more you could share?

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