Hey! Over the coming weeks, I have been given the opportunity to work with The Hut Group (a company well known for Zavvi, MyProtein, an...

Berrylicious Shakes


Over the coming weeks, I have been given the opportunity to work with The Hut Group (a company well known for Zavvi, MyProtein, and MyVitamns) in exposing their latest brand to the world. I'm currently on a mission to eat healthier, get fitter and just generally work on a healthier lifestyle overall. I have no major intentions to lose weight but I would really love to be able to finally tone up and feel fully confident in my body. I've always found it difficult to stick to it but now both Ed (my boyfriend) and I are properly working on it. We've even got a schedule to keep to and meal plans have become a regular thing. After being contacted by the Hut Group, I knew that Exante was exactly what I needed to give me that extra push to do this healthy living thing 100%.

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Exante aim to help it's customers kick start their healthy living using diet plans to fit in with every lifestyle. Their plans offer continuous online support through a team of nutritionists and fellow dieters, instead of having to go to a weekly session. Their site also offers healthy recipes and meal replacement foods to give you all the nutrition you need without having to cook. I would suggest using these for breakfast or lunch and then a nice hearty meal for tea! I was sent a few of their options to try out!

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Among the items sent was a Cherries and Berries Shake. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first as I'm not usually a big fan of cherries but I accepted the offer in the hopes I would be pleasantly surprised, and that I was! The shake comes in powder form for you to simply add 200ml of water. I mixed it with a whisk in a measuring jug, which was bit easier than just in a glass but for those who have a protein shaker, that will do perfectly fine. I expected the shake to be quite thin, much a like a typical Nesquik milk shake, but instead it was a lot thicker immediately making it much more filling. I could definitely tell why this was a meal replacement shake. It's definitely all you need for lunch!

On to the flavour.

I actually really loved the cherry and berry flavour. It wasn't too sweet or strong that it became over powering and too much for me. Instead, it was pleasantly nice, in all ways. It reminded me of a childhood flavour that I couldn't quite put my finger on for a while, now I think that may have been a Drumstick lolly taste. I let my boyfriend have a sip to try it out and he loved it too. It was definitely 'smooth and delicious' as the website says!

Exante diet offer a very large range of flavours for you to try. Everything from Strawberry, banana, chocolate, vanilla (you know, the usual flavours), to white chocolate and raspberry, lemon cheesecake, and honeycomb. I would love to try out some of those next! Not only are they great for helping you out on your diet, but they are gluten free too making them suitable for nearly everyone! At £1.59, they really aren't a bad price, and there are always deals on to get discounts (like their current 60 meals for £60 deal). Overall, I would definitely recommend heading over to exantediet.com and checking out what they have to offer, and be sure to check out their healthy recipes for more ideas on nutritious meals!

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