Good morning! Hope your week is going well! This week I want to review the Golden Syrup Porridge sent to me by Exante. I have a sm...

Golden Goodness

Good morning!

Hope your week is going well!

This week I want to review the Golden Syrup Porridge sent to me by Exante. I have a small problem though, I don't like porridge. For some reason I never had I didn't realise I would be sent some. I realised I still needed to get a review up but knew it wouldn't be true if I just said that I ate it. Instead, just this once, I gave Ed the opportunity to try out something and do a little post. This is his first time at reviewing something so I had to give him a little guidance about what sort of questions you ask yourself (How easy was it to make? What was your first impression? What did you think overall?) and I left him to it! Here's what he said:


a review by Edmond Denning

One of the items that came with the Exante Diet meal replacement products, that Kira received, was the golden syrup porridge powder sachet. I used to have porridge and syrup as a child every now and then so I thought this was a pretty neat idea and I was dead keen to try out this version of it. It was a simple little powder-based product that merely required water and a short time in the microwave. So by pouring the contents into a heat-proof jug and filling that with water, I simply mixed it together and put it in the microwave for five minutes, taking it out at half way for a second stir. 

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Firstly, it smelt amazing in all honesty so I was very keen to see how similar this meal-replacement was to the meal itself. After the five minutes were over, I just poured the contents into a bowl. That's all I had to do. The portion size was perfect for a cereal bowl - always useful. 

            Flavour wise, I really enjoyed it. It was exactly like having a bowl of hot porridge with golden syrup even though technically it wasn't one. I have a sweet tooth and this is 'just right' for anyone with that taste pallet (even Goldilocks might enjoy it). It was filling enough to have just one portion too, and enough to keep me going throughout the day.

            I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has thought about using meal replacement options. Overall I would give this a solid 9/10 and would be eager to try it again if the opportunity ever arose.

- Edmond


Maybe one day the opportunity might arise again for you Edmond. If you're willing to keep writing reviews for me then I shall let you try out a few more things! I'd rather have you write it and give  truthful review about how you like it compared to me not wanting to have it because I don't like it then not wanting to write the review. Always handy to have a back up! 

Well there you go... Seems like he really did like it! I will admit that it smelt really lovely and can imagine it being a perfect breakfast in the winter or fresh spring time. Compared to the photo on the Exante website, it did look a lot more runny, I don't know if it was something we did or not, but all the same, Ed still really loved it!

What would be you ideal snack as a meal replacement? Would you try the porridge? 

- KC xx

* Unfortunately for now there is no photo because I seem to have lost my SD card after I had all the photos taken! Hopefully I shall find it soon and will update this post! Sorry!

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