Hey! I read a post similar to this over a year ago. I have no idea how I found it but it helped me out a lot. I actually think it was a...

Making money online - for FREE


I read a post similar to this over a year ago. I have no idea how I found it but it helped me out a lot. I actually think it was a mixture of posts but each helped me earn that little bit extra! January can be such a hard time financially, especially after Christmas, and yet it's when we want to book holidays or get out and do something so we're not just stuck inside all the time. It get difficult to save money to build up our bank accounts. I get student finance and yet, because of my rent, I often still find it difficult to budget and not over-spend. I'm not one for going out all the time so I don't spend money on the typical student life. I really don't know where the money goes sometimes! I'm sure we've all had that feeling.

In the spirit of saving and raising money, I wanted to share these easy ways to earn money online, whether it's a little or a lot!


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The Selfie Lottery

As many of you will be, I was skeptical about joining the Selfie Lottery. Initially I thought that it was a scam or there would be too many people to even have the chance of winning. I joined anyway because it was free and why not eh? Little did I know that around 3 months later, I would win £125! Thanks to friends on twitter for telling me to check it otherwise I wouldn't have claimed it. The money was real! Within 3 days I had an extra £125 in my account ready to be spent!

The idea is that you simply sign up and upload a selfie and everyday one of the selfies is picked at random. Supposedly everyone has equal chance! If the winner doesn't claim it, it rolls over. Every day that you sign in to check it, a 50p loyalty bonus is added! And when a referred friend wins, you win too! So the more friends you can refer, the more chances you have at winning! It's easy to join as you simply sign in with you facebook, twitter or instagram account! Join here!
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Top Cashback

Top Cashback has become my go-to website. Anytime I plan on buying something online, I always check if I can get cashback. In some cases you can get enough cashback to get the item for free! Around seasonal times they do little hunts across the website for you to earn a bit of extra money too! It's really simple. All you have to do is sign up and the search for the shop you want to browse and buy from, click on it and shop normally. Once you've ordered you items, Top Cashback will record the visit and then you just wait for you money! As you can see above, I have recently got £49.31 back from my holiday that I booked! However with large payments like that, it takes a little longer to go through but at least I know it's on it's way! You can get cashback on pretty much anything! Holidays and insurance included! Join to get your new member deals before the Easter Egg hunt starts!

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It may not look quite as exciting based on my current saving but I cashed out my money quite recently.You may not be able to rake in the money with this one but every little helps right?! Once you've signed up, activate it and all you have to do is search online normally. It's perfect for a busy lifestyle! When you're simply browsing on Google, a little side bar will pop up with suggestions for sites (as shown above). All the sites are perfectly fine. None of them are spam, or at least not the ones I've clicked on. When there's a little '5p' next to the link, click on the link to open the page. Feel free to have a browse around, you never know, you might find what you've been looking for. If you don't want to, simple back up the page after 30 seconds and the 5p will be deposited into your Qmee account. You can cashout the money whenever you like and for every referral you make, you gain an extra 50p. It's a nice and easy way to gain a little bit extra over time! If you really want to, you can sit around for an hour simply searching things to build up your account! If no '5p' sign comes up, you'll probably get a discount code instead to help you make savings on your shopping! Sign up!

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Easy Fundraising

Instead of keep the money to yourself, you can also donate the money straight from you online purchases. Similarly to TopCashback, you sign up, find the shop and shop like normal. For every purchase, a small percentage is sent straight to your charity! It's a brilliantly way to help charities raise that little bit extra. You may well know by now that I shall be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in August to raise money for Childreach International so it would be really nice of you to raise as you shop, especially since it doesn't cost you any more than what you would normally pay! Sign up here! If you wish you can also sponsor my climb by donating to my MyDonate page!

Theses are the best sites I've found so far! No surveys involved, as they never seem to work, and no hassle! Best kind of way to earn money right?

Do you use any other sites? What are your top money saving tips?

- KC xx

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