Hey! Being at university has really made me appreciated a good night in with my TV and DVDs. I am a student so paying for a TV license...

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Being at university has really made me appreciated a good night in with my TV and DVDs. I am a student so paying for a TV license seems a bit too much so instead I'll stick with re-watching all my favourite movies and boxsets over and over again. I mean, I'm not complaining at all because I absolutely love them. So what do I watch? I love all sorts of genres. When I can, I'll watch episodes of The Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars (waiting on the final half of the final ever series), The Big Bang Theory, etc. Also, most recently I started watching Riverdale and both me and Ed are in love with it! But when it comes to a nice night in watching movies, I have a very specific collection. I'm not normally one for buying DVDs unless I really love the movie so here's what I have: 

Harry Potter

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Yes, I have them all. I plan on getting Fantastic Beasts too just complete the collection. I also have all the books so it only seems right. I was a massive fan as a kid and I even wanted a Harry Potter themed bedroom and everything! I already had the bin and bedding. Eventually I grew out of it but never stopped loving the HP franchise and after recently beginning to reread the books, I love them even more now! A Harry Potter marathon is needed very soon!

Step Up

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Again, I have them all. Well, except number 5 which I'm in need of. I have bought them all from That's Entertainment over time to create my collection. Being a lover of dance, they have been movies that have inspired me to choreograph and continue allowing dance to influence my performances in physical theatre. I tend to look at the movies from a dramatic point of view. For example, in the final film they are able to pull off not just a phenomenal dance, but a phenomenal show overall, and I look up to people who are able to do that. Credit to all the directors, choreographers, and of course the dancers! 

Moulin Rouge

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I don't know why I love this movie so much. I think it's because it's just so random but there's a cute (badly ending) plot line and Ewan McGregor's voice is just so damn, lovely! When I sing I prefer to belt so this movie gives me some perfect opportunities to sit down and belt out a good tune, usually whilst scoffing popcorn. The medleys created for the movie are, in my opinion, some of the best mash ups of classic songs, of all time. I could easily watch this movie on repeat!

Rock of Ages

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Got to be my favourite musical, ever! I love it just as much as I did the first time I watched it and I'm constantly encouraging others who haven't seen it to go and watch it urgently! For a lover of 80s rock, it's the perfect movie for me. I was fortunate enough to get to see the stage production of it at the Manchester Palace Theatre and I couldn't compare the two which I've never experienced before. They were both just as good as each other on different levels but with almost the same music and plot! I need to go see it again, and just writing this making me watch to put my DVD on again!

Mamma Mia

mamma mia, movies, musical, amanda seyfried, panasonic, greece

I got this as a present one year and rewatched it for the hundredth time the other night. It's such a feel good movie musical with a young Dominic Cooper singing his heart out. Amanda Seyfried is beautiful as always and from this movie became one of my role models, and I don't have many so that's saying something!

Camp Rock

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Sometimes I feel a little bit embarrassed to say I still own Camp Rock on DVD but I'm not going to deny it now. I have always loved Disney Channel Original Movies and this one was not an exception. I know all the songs and probably the dances. I remember sitting in my attic at home attempting to learn the guitar and write songs whilst watching this movie. It seemed to be a big inspiration towards my music as a kid. As I got older though I ended up following the path of acting, singing and dancing rather than playing an instrument. I'd still love to learn to play the guitar though!

Wild Child

wild child, movies, chick flick, panasonic, 4k tv, alex pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer though! I was a lot younger when I got this movie and he must have been one of my celebrity crushes! If I ever had a girls night (where me and my best friends would pig out watching movies), this would be one of the top movies on the list. That and all the behind the scenes features also on the DVDs. Same for the times I had to go to my Mum and Dad's work - they are self-employed property developers so their work was the house they were doing up at the time- where I'd get my McDonald's and watch it on my portable DVD player! Since then I've even managed to get my boyfriend to love the movie just as much as I do!

Seems amazing how far we've come regarding television since all these movies were released. I couldn't live without my HD TV these days and at home we're constantly upgrading the technology in our house. We've currently got a Smart TV but it won't be long before we'll be stepping up again. Panasonic are releasing a new 4K TV range this year and already have some on sale! They are all Ultra HD 4K Pro HDR with OLED displays and lots more extras, built in gadgets and additions making TVs better than they've ever been. I really don't know what more they can do but you just know there will be more! Look out for 2017's Panasonic 4K TV range!

What are you're favourite movies? How do you prefer to watch them? Eg. On the big screen, TV, laptop, etc.?

- KC xx

* This was a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I definitely own all these DVDs, I couldn't live without them!

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