Hello! How are you all doing? It's coming to the end of February now already and I am four weeks into my second semester of my firs...

Semester 2 First Impressions


How are you all doing? It's coming to the end of February now already and I am four weeks into my second semester of my first year at Uni. At the very beginning I did a quick first impressions post about moving in and getting settled so I wanted to reflect on how this semester is going and how semester one ended.

I didn't have to go back to uni until the 9th January and luckily I didn't have any official exams. That said, I had a performance and assessment in the following week. Fortunately, they seemed to go well and then I was able to go back home for another week. It was nice to break it up before having to properly settle back in. Second semester came around and we began our new modules with all new teachers and I must say I much prefer how things are going now.

I study 4 modules which are Practical Specialism, Approaches to Theatre 2, Theatre of Movement and Gesture, and finally our one hour lecture that is Performance Contexts. The lectures haven't really got any better. For 9am, they are very boring but I have surprisingly managed to make it to every single one so far! Pat on the back for me! I have begun set design classes in Practical Specialism which have been cool. It's only 2 hours on a Monday afternoon and there's a class of 5 so it's pretty relaxed. We're basically making models which is quite therapeutic! Approaches 2 is a follow on from semester one with a different topics, however this semester is already so much more interesting. It's much more about theatre and science. I've been able to quote Brian Cox, reel off tonnes of scientific and mathematics knowledge, and do more research into the topics that I find incredibly interesting! Theatre of Movement and Gesture has been really interesting. It has taken me back to my first year in college when I was basically doing degree level dance and movement. It's not quite dance but I love being able to explore the uses of my body to create an interesting piece of drama.

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This Thursday (tomorrow) I shall be going barefoot all day to raise money for Childreach International. It's going to be weird walking to and from uni without any shoes or socks!

So far the course is going well. I got my marks back for the performances and assessments that I did as well and have done really well. As I mentioned in Monday's post, I got a first overall in both the modules that I finished in semester one. I'm very proud of that since I was averaged out in one at just below 70 but instead they bumped up my mark!

My house hasn't changed. It's still quite knackered but my room is fine. The kitchen, communal room and bathroom are a sight for sore eyes though. I wish people would not dump their stuff anywhere and everywhere, and I wish they would clean their pots straight away instead of leaving them for weeks. It's disgusting! Also, some of my pots and cutlery keep going missing... I can't stand it and cannot wait until I have my own place with Ed! We're having a house inspection at some point today so we'll see how that goes because I'm not putting any money on the place being clean, with or without the cleaner coming round! It frustrates me.

There seem to be a lot of things frustrating me at the moment. I really need to have some time to myself to relax and calm down. Either that or I think it's time to have a trip home to cuddle with my cat. Luckily my Mum and Dad are back off their holiday this week so I can do, although I'm supposed to be going home for a friends birthday in two weeks so I guess I'll have to wait!

I've got a lot to do over the next few weeks so let's hope it all goes well and eventually I get that time to relax. It's definitely needed!

How's the beginning of the year gone for you? Have you started something new?

- KC xx

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