Hey! Well I'm proud to say my fundraising is well off and on it's feet now! I already wrote about my Barefoot Day and mentione...

Barefoot Day No.2 and other plans!


Well I'm proud to say my fundraising is well off and on it's feet now! I already wrote about my Barefoot Day and mentioned how much I have going on in my fundraising plan post, but things keep on getting added to the list! 

After the first barefoot day, and it's successes I thought I could improve on the £30 that I raised by doing another, but when the weather was slightly different. We've had much nicer weather recently so I jumped on the chance and started preparing for a second Barefoot Day! I made posters and social media posts and started spreading them straight away. I had the date set as Wednesday 15th March so that I would see different people at uni and made sure I had the day planned so I could see as many people as possible! I knew I had to post more on social media and get more photos so on the morning of the 15th, the mission began!

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The day didn't start off so well. I had a really rough night and I don't think I managed to get to sleep until around 4am. I had my socks off before 12 though! I had I few things that needed to be done, including printing stuff off and having a shower, before I headed off into uni for a 9am rehearsal. At 10am I was supposed to have an assessment, which is what the rehearsal was for, and then I was in lesson until 1pm. That didn't quite go to plan at all. Because of my stressful, late night, my alarm that I had set for 6:30am either didn't go off, or I slept through it. There was no one around to make sure I woke up either. I ended up waking up around half 9 due to one of my group ringing to find out where I was. Typical. Just the day where everything could go wrong. I quick got up and did what I could with my hair and face, put all the props for our assessment in a bag and ran. I felt seriously confused when it came to walking out the house without any shoes or socks. Obviously it hurt a lot more walking with barefeet so I was a bit slower than I had hoped when it came to getting into uni.

I got there with 5 minutes to spare for our assessment. I felt so bad for my group as we didn't have any time to rehearse. My day wasn't going well to say the least!

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When the lesson was finally over, still feeling like I was on a come down from a panic attack, I managed to get home for a shower and freshen up. It was well needed! By 2pm, I was sat in the university's pub with a bunch of mates ready to get some food. On the way there, I did a live video simply of me walking to the pub, I was surprised at how well it went down and how it managed to gain even more awareness of what I was doing! Eventually the day got better but it wasn't over... Around 8pm we headed off to the other side of the city for a Drunk Disney house party. Yes, of course this meant costumes as well! Fortunately, I was able to dress as a character that fit in well with the barefeet - Cinderella before she becomes the princess! It worked really well! I don't drink much but the idea was to drink whenever someone says 'honour' in Mulan, you can imagine how that went down for most!

Finally at midnight I was able to put my lovely socks back on before travelling back home. Seems ironic considering I was dressed as Cinderella!

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Over the weekend I was back home and whilst I was there I spent a few hours walking around town handing out letters asking for raffle prizes. I was lucky enough to get some really positive feedback from some shops, including being donated a chocolate bouquet from the lovely Sweet Lisa's (please go give their Facebook page a like as it's a new page and they are looking for some support)! It also gave me the idea of handing out a few letters up and down my street. So, Monday night consisted of writing, printing and posting a whole load of letters!

So, how much did I raise?!

Amazingly, I really proud to say that since the 11th March (the Saturday before Barefoot Day) I have raised £178!!! Just £22 off £200 in a week! Not only that, I'm now also £26 off reaching £600 in total which I would have loved to hit before the end of the week! There is also a possibility that I've managed to raise more as I'm not notified when I get text donates as they are only added just before my deadline. 

Massive thank you to everyone who donated, even if it was just a little bit of spare change! Every thing has been a massive help! 

Handing out letters to neighbours worked! One couple have generously donate £50 and offered for me to come round and collect some bits for a carboot, and another couple have donated £10 and have invited me round for tea and cake! It's very odd because normally we don't have much contact with our neighbours so it's lovely to have brought a few people together! Also, The Barefoot Backpacker donated a wonderful £20 which was a big boost, so I would just like to say a big thank you! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! 

If you have text donated please do let me know so I can say thank you to you!

What's next?!

I've got many events coming up and a lot more in planning process!

Today (Monday 20th) - I'm in York city centre all day doing a public collection dressed up as Supergirl!

Monday 27th March - I begin a no sugar month! 27th to the 27th (my birthday!). I will be working hard to cut out bad sugars and eat healthily. If I give in, I forfeit the money! 

Wednesday 29th March - Supergirl will be in Hull City Centre doing a public collection!

Friday 31st March - PAY DAY! I shall be doing a 100 in 100 challenge trying to raise £100 in 100 hours. There will be a number of live videos, including a raffle and possibly dares! Find me on facebook! I will also be attending a conference put on by Childreach International so add me on snapchat - kiralcurtis or Instagram -kiralcurtis to keep updated!

Tuesday 11th April - EASTER PUB QUIZ! I shall be hosting a charity pub quiz at the Station Pub and Grill in Lytham, £1 per person to enter! There will be prizes and of course, a raffle!

Sunday 23rd April - My first 10k! I shall be running the Blackpool 10k in aid of Childreach International!

Over the Easter holidays I will also be holding a carboot to raise some money and hopefully some public collections in my hometown areas, as long as I can get the permission!

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What else am I planning?

I have recently sent in permission applications for events on campus at university. One includes a lot of slime, and the other includes fish, eggs, cream pies, sauces, etc. So look out for more information on them across my social media! I hoping to do something with my local schools and I'm also in the process of arranging a family fitness day! I have so many other ideas, like a charity hockey tournament and a bingo night, but I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time. It can be a lot of hard work and I need all the help I can get. A lot of things require prizes which ends up costing a lot for me so of course I've got to work at getting businesses to donate what they can!

I've also been thinking about doing a charity blogger event either in Hull or perhaps in Blackpool as it's not very often I see them around. However, I would definitely need some help in arranging it as I'm not sure what to do! Any help you can give would be amazing! Or any tips you could give in arranging a blogger meet up would be a huge help!

If you would like to donate and help me reach my goals (£700 by the end of this week! Or I have an actual deadline of £950 by 11th April) then please don't hesitate to visit my donation page or text UNLOCK 193351 to 70007 which will donate £3! Don't forget that if you're buying your Mother's Day present online then please do it through my EasyFundraising link which will automatically donate a small percentage of your purchase free of charge to you!

- KC xx

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