Hello! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Well, for the other day any way. There has been a lot going on but in light of the celeb...

Happy International Women's Day! Celebrating Women in Sport



Well, for the other day any way. There has been a lot going on but in light of the celebrations of women this week I just wanted to do a quick post celebrating women in sport! I've always been one to get involved in sport since a young age and there was a point during college when I couldn't and it really made me realise how much I missed it. There just something about being part of a team or meeting a bunch of ladies who are in the same boat as you, they just want to get fit and have fun.

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The #thisgirlcan campaign is bigger than ever with more and more clubs and societies getting involved to support women in sport and encouraging even more to feel free and confident how ever they choose to keep fit. It's such a wonderful campaign and has got millions of women joining their local sports teams or simply going to a new fitness class at their local gym.

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This time last year I remember attending my first local sports event for International Women's Day. I had already started working on my blog and I began writing about local events to show my support. It was how I began to get contacts and since then I have made so many more friends through blogging and going to similar events and simply getting involved.

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Soon after, I got involved in Lytham Sportfest and literally joined in with the 'Join In' campaign of volunteers for local sports. There was a mini event at Park View, Lytham and then on the last weekend of August 2016, Lytham Sportfest took place inviting everyone to come down and take part in a bunch of free events. It was amazing to see how many people turned up and had a fantastic weekend. I also felt proud to see a large number of women who jiggled and wiggled through every song and dance move. Including me!

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Throughout the summer I also got involved with Lytham Runhunt, a Sportivate initiative getting women into running. Similarly to Couch to 5k groups, each week the amount of km increased, aiming to reach 5k by the end of the 6 week programme. Instead we reached 8k! In between we'd solve clues and do sprint drills. If I hadn't get involved in Runhunt, I would never have believed that I could reach even 10km one day. I'm getting there and I now believe I can!

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Here I am now! Bottom right, showing off my new hockey stick! After the mad year that was 2016, I found myself beginning my first year at the University of Hull and got involved in the one sport I've always loved but never had the chance to do, hockey! This photo was taken after a match and I was knackered. I was asked to play mid field when usually I play forward so I struggled to breathe for a lot of it. But even though I can't be bothered going to training, once I get there, I love it. It is a brilliant stress reliever too and a nice change from the constant drama scene!

I recently bought new trainers so I can't wait to try them out and get back in to running. That and I really want to try out new sports!

Here's to all women in sport! You keep on doing what you love! Jiggle your hearts out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

- KC xx

Do you get involved in any fitness classes or sports? What would you like to try out?

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