Hey! Happy Monday! I hope Monday isn't being to dreary for you! To be honest there's not much going on in my life at the m...

Looking Further Back on Dominican Republic


Happy Monday! I hope Monday isn't being to dreary for you!

To be honest there's not much going on in my life at the moment, just busy with uni stuff and fundraising. Looking forward to spending a long weekend at home celebrating my best friend's birthday! There's definitely always a point in the semester where you just know you're ready to go home, and I've been feeling it for the past two weeks. I get to go home on Thursday afternoon but sadly I have to drive on my own, and it's a long drive! I'll manage knowing that I'll be there sooner!

Since not much is going on, the fact that I'm going on holiday in  days is pressing on my mind more and more each day. We're nearly in double figures! My new passport has arrived, visas have been bought and are on their way and soon we'l be looking at exchange rates! I'm avoiding buying any clothes until I've checked what I already have at home and it's very likely that I'll have plenty. Doesn't mean I don't need a new bikini or top though. It's a tradition to get a few new bits!

A couple of weeks ago I did a photo diary kind of post looking back on Dominican Republic in 2011. I mentioned that that trip had it's ups and downs but the first time I went to Dom Rep was actually when I was six  months old, then again in 2004 and 2006. So I wanted to share a few extra photos. I mean, it's always good to have a little laugh at how much I've changed!

dom rep, domincan republic, holiday, travel, young, old, photo, thomsons, riu

Guess my parents taught me well from a young age! This is the photo that I attempt to reenact every time I've been, like this one. I got a few from different angles and I have finally found them all so once I've got the next one, I may do a post about how much I really have changed, and yet I find myself back at a place where my love for travel all began.

beach, holiday, travel, dom rep, dominican republic, thomsons, first choice, riu, hotels

beach, travel, dom rep, dominican republic, holiday, thomsons, riu, hotels, travel

I never really used to be one for beaches. I always loved the hot weather but I tended to stay around the pool and would only really go down to the beach once or twice. For the past few years I've stayed at the Riu Tequila which, although it's far, is not situated right on the beach so I actually miss having that complete ease to get to the sea. This time round, I intend to do more snorkeling. Who knows, there might be a chance that I will have managed to get my eyes lasered before I go so I won't have to worry about water getting in my contacts like I normally do!

sunset, beach, travel, holidays, dom rep, dominican republic, thomsons, riu

beach, holiday, travel, thomsons, riu, dom rep, dominican republic,
holidays, beach, travel, dom rep, domincan republic, riu, thomsons

I always end up being so busy on holidays, trying to make the most of all day and all night, that I rarely get to see sunsets and sunrises. They are always so beautiful that this time, I need to make sure I see both. What's better than watching the sunset laid down on the beach in the Caribbean?

These are really old pictures! It's amazing how much camera quality really has come on since then and on the other hand, it's amazing to think how good it actually was back then too! I think these photos were from out 2004 trip but I can't be too sure. I cannot wait to go back. I know both me and Edmond are both very excited. It's difficult not to think about it knowing that we still have quite a few weeks of uni left before summer! Bring on June!

Have you got anywhere booked? Where would you like to go?

- KC xx

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