Hello! I've not been doing very well with blogging lately as I've been way too focused on fundraising. On the plus side, I have...

April Goals


I've not been doing very well with blogging lately as I've been way too focused on fundraising. On the plus side, I have got a lot done in the past month and I've raised quite a bit more money, with lots up and coming! So, before I start explaining everything I've been doing, I am going to keep up with this year's tradition of doing my monthly goal post! On another note:


Firstly, let's see how I did last month:

- Hand in assignments early! Not yet, I plan on getting things done over Easter Holidays!
- Play more hockey! I definitely got a bit more involved and played more matches but seen as it's the end of the season, I couldn't so that much!
- Raise more money for Childreach International! ✔ As I've already mentioned, I definitely manged that!
- Sort out opticians! ✔ Yep I went to Optical Express and I am suitable for laser eye surgery, unfortunately they were expecting me to pay £4000 which I can't quite afford right now!
- Do more research! Nearly, I definitely feel like more has sunk in this month but I'm yet to finish the course I started.
- Pay off holiday! ✔ YES! We did it! I have also now paid for and booked the seats on the plane! Everything is done now, just to start buying some holiday clothes!

I've done better I suppose but I did spend most of March wrapping things up getting ready to come home for Easter! It was an incredibly hectic time but I'm glad I now have a bit of a break where I can get some work done and relax!

Onto my April goals! There's all sorts I know I need to get done so trying to narrow that down into 6 things is a little difficult, but here goes:

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- Catch up on uni work! 
I have a few things that need reading and then it would be really good to at least make a start on my assignments (they aren't really due in until June).

- Train Harder!
I have a 10K run coming up and I have never run 10K in my life so I'm slightly worried! I also need to train for Kilimanjaro and it would be nice to tone up before I go on holiday!

- Have a full plan for all events!
I have a fundraising plan but I haven't properly thought out every event so that's the aim! I also need to make sure I have venues sorted!

- Get outdoors everyday!
I'm forever having full day indoors at uni so I want to make a point of getting some fresh air, even if it's a light 10 minute walk!

- Save money!
My student loan comes through this month and there are a few things I want to buy, like maybe a new bike, so I want to make sure I'm putting some money aside for things that I really want (including holiday spending money)!

- Keep on fundraising! Reach £1500?!
I am £13 off my £950 deadline that is on Tuesday so if possible I would like to raise at least another £500 on top of that! Even better if I could raise another £1000!

Please donate if you can! You can text UNLOCK 193351 to 70007 to donate £3 or you can donate via https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/kiralcurtiskilimanjaro!

Hopefully I will be able to achieve all of these, as long as I don't procrastinate! Wish me luck!

If you would like to donate then I am currently doing a Prize draw and it's £2 a ticket or £5 for three tickets so all you need to do is message me your address and email/phone number so you can be contacted if you win (you can either email me at kira@kiralcurtis.com or simply fill out this form)! There will be more info about it in my next post so look out for that!

Until then,

- KC xx

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