Good morning! I've been really needing to get into training for climbing Kilimanjaro. I've never done anything like it before a...

Healey Nab, Lancashire, UK

Good morning!

I've been really needing to get into training for climbing Kilimanjaro. I've never done anything like it before and I know for a fact it is going to be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. I'm not going to know that much about how to prepare mentally until I'm there I suppose, which is slightly worrying but at least I can train as much as I can physically in the meantime. I've done a bit of research into how to train for something like this, which I may share with you soon, and it all comes back to hiking. Most places say the best thing you can do is simply do other climbs. A bit like running where you have to keep going until eventually on one run, you reach the distance of a marathon. Not that I've ever managed 10K, let alone a marathon. Since I've been back home for Easter, I've tried to up my fitness game. That was until I went for my first run and realised I hadn't recovered from a hockey injury. I've pulled a muscle in my groin and every time I run, even for the shortest of periods, it starts to ache. Continuing running leaves me unable to walk properly for the rest of the day. I knew it would just take time and a bit of exercise to make it better so I stuck to walking. I've been trying to do good on my April Goals list and make sure that I have got outside everyday. I don't exactly know if I've managed it but I've definitely been trying. Over this past week though, my muscle seems to have mostly healed and whilst visiting Edmond at his home, we went for a couple of little hikes to start off my training.

Edmond lives in Chorley. A typical northern, not particularly nice town (in my opinion). That said, where he lives is very picturesque that some would consider to be the countryside. His house was one of the first to be built in his area, so much so that they used to get cows wondering into their back garden. Of course that's all changed now as it's a whole housing estate but a lovely one at that. Together we've already been for a lot of walks in his area and right behind him is what is known as Healey Nab. It's a large hill, part of the West Pennine Moors, making it one hell of a view for all the houses and a lovely walk for the locals. We've attempted to reach it's peak before (elevation of 208m), and although we made it, it didn't seem to take so long to get up. This time, we took the longer route.

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Truth be told, it wasn't our initial plan to trek to the top. We were simply going for a little walk whilst the sun was still out. It wasn't until we got to a dead end of our current route and the only way to carry on was via the public foot path up. It think we did accidentally divert from the public foot path though, but we made our way back on track. 

The path is paved until that point, then it goes off onto fields and fields. You can clearly see where others have walked so it's a pretty simple route straight up. At the top you can see across most of Chorley. It's beautiful! There's a large pile of rocks at the top which have clearly been put there by mankind although I'm not so sure why. I've tried googling it but nothing seems to come up.

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The little building on top of the next hill is where we walked up to the next day! 
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It's known as Rivington Pike

Getting back down was a different story altogether. We thought it would be logical to come up one way and go back down the other. That was until we got lost and trapped in by a barbed wire fence. This opposite side is a largely wooded area and there's even a mountain bike track through the tree. It looks a little dangerous with all the tree trunks in the way but I'm not going to deny that if I had a decent enough bike, I would give it a go!

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View of Chorley Town from the peak of Healey Nab.
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This is the pile of rocks I mentioned. I really am not sure what it's supposed to be there for so if anyone does know please feel free to comment!
We ended up having to climb back up, almost to the peak again and ended up finding our way back towards the fields we walked through at the very beginning. Full circle! Definitely smashed my 10,000 steps target! It was a gorgeous day though so it made it all worth it, although if we had known we would end up going on such a walk, we would have taken some water! We did also get caught up in a massive muddy area which made me regret not wearing wellies or walking boots. Instead I was wearing Converse style canvas shoes. Amazingly though, there's mud all on the maroon canvas part of my shoes but nothing on the white toe caps! Got to go clean them now...

If you're in the area and fancy a nice afternoon walk out, I'd definitely recommend a trip up "The Nab". Don't forget to take your camera! You can get some stunning photos of the views, especially if it's a sunny day!

Is there anywhere near you that's like this? Where do you go for walks out? 

- KC xx

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