Hey! HAPPY MAY! And May the 4th be with you for the other day! I'm getting more and more excited to be done with uni now and ready ...

May Goals


HAPPY MAY! And May the 4th be with you for the other day! I'm getting more and more excited to be done with uni now and ready to go on holiday. It's just over a month until myself and Edmond will be flying out to the Dominican Republic for a two week holiday! I'm ready to explore and relax at the same time!

As usual, at the beginning of every month I do a quick update on how things have gone and then set myself a few goals so that I have something to stick to. April felt so hectic but at the same time I had a lovely rest whilst at home. The second I came back to uni, however, made everything feel like it hadn't even happened.

- Catch up on uni work! - I'm getting there. I have a few bits of reading to do this week then I'm practically finished!

- Train Harder!  ✔ Yes and no I suppose. Myself and Edmond went on a few little hikes in the North West area but going back to uni threw me off. Time to get to the gym!

- Have a full plan for all events! - I hosted a bingo night, so I sorted that out, but I'm yet to find a venue for my fitness day. Hopefully I should have it sorted by the end of the week!

- Get outdoors everyday! - I don't even know.

- Save money! - I still have a very large chunk of my student loan left nearly a month after getting it which is really good, I've even bought myself some holiday things.

- Keep on fundraising! Reach £1500?!  ✔ I DID IT! I'm now at £1756.46! Still got a way to go to reach my overall target though!

I could have done better! This week I have an assessment and then that's one module down. Then in two weeks time I have my final assessment then I can go home! 40 days until I go on holiday! That said, it also means I only have 40 days to raise another £1300 (a little over). Oh dear. I have ideas but it's just trying to implement them.

On another update, I am now officially the new RAG (Raising and Giving) Challenges Coordinator of Hull Uni for next year! I have so many meetings coming up already but it feels good to be a part of a committee that helps to raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity! My main aim will be to help out next years challengers (people like me who will choose to climb Kilimanjaro) in reaching their targets.

Moving on to my actual goals of May. There are so many things that need to be done this month as everything is finishing so here goes...

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May Goals

- Have a completed fundraising plan to help me raise the rest of the money!
So my main ideas are a fitness day and a charity hockey tournament. I know where I would like to host them but so far I'm struggling to get in contact with the people who deal with it! Fingers crossed I can get it sorted this week!

- Complete all my uni work!
I have an assessment this week, then the coinciding portfolio due in next week. I then finish with another performance, portfolio and final essay. Sounds like a lot but once it's done, it's done! I will then be ready for second year!

- Prepare for my holiday!
I will happily get ready for my holiday! Holiday shopping needs to be done and I definitely need to hit the gym!

- Get a job!
There is a possibility I may have one lined up for when I get back but it's not final yet. It is about time I start looking for a flexible summer job so I can earn some money and save up for next year.

- Relax!
After all the work I've got to do, I need to remember to actually have some me time! 

Everything seems to be about reaching my fundraising total and finishing uni this month and yep, that is pretty much it! I feel like I've got a lot going on but hopefully it will be all done way before I get on that plane!

What are your plans this month? Are you getting ready for your holidays?

 - KC xx

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