Hello! Hope your summer months have started off well! I know we've had some tragic times lately but here's to a much brighter a...

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Hope your summer months have started off well! I know we've had some tragic times lately but here's to a much brighter and more peaceful summer! I will admit, I can't wait to get out of the country to be able to properly relax! That said, I am still fundraising all the time. My deadline is coming up on the 26th June but despite being in the Dominican Republic, I shall be constantly posting across social media hoping to gain any extra donations. Before I head off, I plan on writing a couple of posts to give a fundraising update on how I've been doing. I will be relaxing completely on holiday so there will be no extra writing on holiday until I get back when my blogging will be full speed ahead.

I have been so busy lately, from finishing my first year at university, fundraising, and organising everything for this holiday. My last fundraising event saw me doing a treadmill hike from 9am until 9pm at my local gym last Thursday. The aim was to climb Kilimanjaro in distance, approx 40km, and by the end of the day I had completed 28km with the full intention to finish the final 12km on the next day. Things didn't go to plan when I was heavily struggling to walk in the morning. My legs were in agony and I was hobbling for the rest of the weekend. My ankle still doesn't feel back to full health but that didn't stop me from finishing the hike on Tuesday. It only took another 3 hours but I was still in a lot of pain. My energy has been drained since. So far I have managed to raise £113 from it, and that is without text donations. I still have a small chunk of £700 left to raise so I am trying to sell a whole load of things on Facebook car boot sites and on eBay! Fingers crossed I reach my target before the deadline! If you like to support me then you can donate here!

Anyway, since I have been so busy, my blog has been the last thing on my mind. It has been the one thing I have been wanting to do so I have a bunch of plans for when I am back from the Dom Rep. One of them is looking into business plans and earning a little bit more money in order to continue doing my hobby. In the meantime, following that theme, the lovely Emily has written a post for my blog to share with all small business owners, or those who would like to own their own small business, a list of storage ideas to help save you money! 

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The 7 Benefits of a Proper Business Storage Mechanism

Even some of the savviest business owners don't realise the amount of money they are wasting by not improving their storage facilities. If you are making do with a stock room which is nothing more than a multi-functional floor space and some shelves – as many smaller businesses do – then take a look at what the implementation of a more professional business storage system can do for your bottom line. With only a relatively low amount of investment, you can streamline your entire logistical operation

1)      Palletised Racking for Improved Performance
So many deliveries are made by pallets these days that it makes a lot of sense to gear up your storage mechanisms to accept them. With a pallet rack, your inward bound deliveries can go into storage almost immediately they arrive, helping to keep your work space clear. Equally, items stored on their pallets are ready to go as soon as orders come in for them. Essentially: palletised racking helps to speed up your business processes.  It is best for local businesses to opt for a racking system which organizes their good properly. If you are looking for push back pallet racking, Warehouse Storage Solutions is one place you can get it from.

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2)      Professional Racking for Ease of Picking
With better storage racks, your picking operatives will make fewer mistakes. In short, this means that they are able to see what they are trying to reach which is often not the case when conventional shelving or storage bins are used.

3)      Thin Aisle Racking for Greater Capacity
Modern racking systems allow you to build a miniature warehouse in your stockroom. They can be placed closely together without compromising on the ease of use. With more racks taking up the same amount of floor space, so you are able to maximise the efficiency of your storage room.

4)      High Racks Provide Great Stability
Need more capacity, but worried about shelves falling down when they are placed too high? If you occupy a typical business unit in the UK, then there will be plenty of stage space overhead. Modern pallet racks can help you to take advantage of this space safely and without fear of items toppling over.

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5)      Cantilevered Racking for Flexibility
If you think that all racking mechanisms need to be anchored to the floor or the wall, then think again. Contemporary cantilevered racking uses the weight of items stored on it to keep it stable. If you need to reconfigure your storage facility, then you soon can with such a system.

6)      Twin-Aisle Racking for Accessibility
One of the problems of shelving is that it is usually butted up against a wall. This means reaching over some items, potentially damaging them, to reach what lies further back. With a free-standing, twin-aisle storage system, you can load and unload from either side thereby reducing wastage due to damage.

7)      Locational Storage and Automated Stock Checks

With a well thought-through storage system that has been professionally installed, you will know where everything is supposed to be. Given modern software and scanning systems are used in all sorts of SMEs these days, a good racking installation will allow you to keep tabs on stock levels and errors of placement with a much greater efficiency than ever before.


For all business owners all potential business owners, I hope this has helped and given you a bit of advice into how to save a bit of extra money in storage and I wish you the best of luck with your money saving!

Have a fantastic summer and I will officially see you in two weeks time, but there will be the odd post being published throughout!

Please keep on donating!

- KC xx

*This was a sponsored post and I did not write the main body text, however I agree with the suggestions and fully gave my permission for post to be published. All proceeds from the post is being donated to Childreach International.

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