Hello!  Wow, last week was all kinds of hectic! I started a new job and last week was my first full week. Originally I was only suppose...

Making the new house work


Wow, last week was all kinds of hectic! I started a new job and last week was my first full week. Originally I was only supposed to be in on the Monday and then only at the weekend but I must have made a good impression because since the Monday I've been in nearly every day. Well, kind of anyway. It was all a bit hit and miss. Being a zero hours contract, I can easily get sent home if it's quiet or just asked not to come in if the weather is dull. On the plus side, living so close means that I also get called in when it suddenly gets extra busy meaning I can earn a bit more money. All things are looking positive on the money front! I took part in Jack Wolfskin's #GoBackpack campaign where I received a flag and in return for a video of my travels which showcased the flag, I was able to receive the money back for the item I bought. I chose some trekking trousers, perfect for climbing Mount Isabel de Torres and to take to Kilimanjaro with me! Since buying them, I have now received that money back and my bank account isn't feeling quite so glum anymore. Especially knowing that I get paid in 13 days for all the hours I've been doing! Anyway, things are looking up and I'm getting very excited for my trip to Tanzania. 

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A little capture of the Humber Bridge as we went underneath it travelling to and from Hull. It was a rainy UK day as per usual!

I did in fact have Tuesday and Wednesday off last week which meant I had to take a trip to Hull to pick up the keys to my new house! Yes, I can't believe it! My new house! Like an actual house! My own little house to share with Edmond. Seems like so long ago since we signed for it and now I've actually got my keys and I've been able to move my stuff in! Sadly, I couldn't go with Ed as he's currently on a trip around Canada with his Mum. Either way it was still nice to go back to a place we saw for about ten minutes whilst the previous tenants possessions were everywhere. I could finally start to put my own things in the right places and make it feel a bit more like home. Compared to my previous student house, this one immediately felt like a home from home!

So, what does it look like?

Well it's a tiny two bedroom terrace house, perfect for the two of us. It's on a quieter street, just off the road the university is on and parallel to the student bars and shops street. Not only that, the doctors is just around the corner and Lidl up the road! Perfect location! 

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You walk straight into the living room off the street to find two small black couches and a lot of purple. There are purple curtains and a purple wall and just generally too much purple for me. In some ways it does make the room quite cosy and warm but I would rather it be a cream or brown. Perks of living with the company we do, it basically becomes our house to change as we like. As long as it's for the good. The picture above doesn't do the size justice. Behind the couch on the right there is quite a bit of space where I've put a desk to use as a dining table for the time being. Moving the couches into a little square makes the space feel cosier and yet opens up the rest of the room to be used otherwise. I've been considering taking my piano but I really don't think it will fit in my car!

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For a student who actually cooks regularly, a decent kitchen was one of the most important things when searching for a house. When we found this place I was pretty happy since the kitchen is only a year old and still in brilliant condition! Other than the electric cooker and oven, only because I'm used to gas cookers, I love this kitchen! The drawers and cupboards have a soft close and most importantly, there is a breakfast bar! I always love breakfast bars, even if this one does face the wall! Green isn't particularly a colour I would normally go for but it does well to brighten up what would normally be a very dark room! There is plenty of storage space for my pots and pans and I have enough room to spread out!

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Main Bedroom

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Spare Bedroom

The bedrooms are a good size but to be fair, the spare room will barely get used. If we get an actual dining room table then it might become an office but otherwise it's only going to be used if I have friends coming to stay over, or maybe my parents. The main room is very spacious with plenty of storage in the wardrobe and beneath the bed. Both beds are brand new and very comfy! I did not want to get out of it on my first night! The only downfall is that there are only two plug sockets in the whole room making it difficult to plug a TV in, but we'll work it out!

The bathroom was a bit of a disappointment compared the rest of the house. The colours are old fashioned and it desperately needed grouting! I'm very much hoping that whilst I'm not there, our landlords will sort it out, otherwise it's going to be a job to add to the list. I can't wait to have lovely Sunday night baths!

The biggest surprise we had was the garden. It was the one part of the house I don't remember seeing in the viewing and didn't expect to have anything there at all. If there was to be something, it would be a small square and we might just about manage to fit two fold-out chairs out there in the summer. You can imagine how amazed and happy I was to find out that our back garden was massive! The photo above only shows one area of it as I was stood half way down, just trying to get a photo of the weeds. Yes, it is very overgrown and there's a rotting shed in the opposite corner but I am still excited! My landlords have said they will put some weed-killer on it but I don't think that will make much difference before we properly move in at the end of September. I'm actually excited to have a de-weeding party with a few friends. Way to feel grown up! A nice summers afternoon, a few beers, and gardening tools. Sounds good right?! I may have also been on Pinterest pinning lots of DIY ways of making a dull garden pretty! I think I'm going to need a lot of pallets!


Being a blogger, and of course a student, means that I need a decent work space in the house somewhere so I have a few things to buy and move around! I have a shopping list on the go for daft things like a pot drainer for the kitchen and a new shower curtain in the bathroom. More importantly will be the desk and table furniture where I can eat or work. At the moment, I have one of the standard desks from the bedrooms in the living room to be used as both but I would much prefer if I could have a separate space for both, perhaps in the spare bedroom. Creating a quiet office space away from the rest of the house will help me focus and, fingers crossed, keep me motivated knowing I have created that space from scratch for that purpose. Penketh Group mention that 25% of our working time is lost due to distractions around us. So having my own private office space will hopefully help reduce that percentage (although I would probably say 60% of my time is lost due to distractions)! Penketh Group actually do a lot of office furniture aimed to reduce the amount of time lost from distraction whilst remaining comfortable, perfect for professional offices and home offices! 

As well as buying in some furniture and de-weeding the garden, I will also be doing a little bit of indoor DIY. I am already planning painting the feature wall in the living room to get rid of the purple, and I intend on painting many of the doors in the house and touching up the rest of the walls. The landlords have done a little but with my parents both being property developers, I guess there's something inside of me that is not ok with what they've done. That, and my OCD. Lots to do and I can't wait to be able to give a full update on how things have gone! Keep an eye out!

What was your student accommodation like? Have you ever moved into a house and got excited about redecorating? 

 - KC xx

* This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Penketh Group but of course all opinions are my own as this is my new house!

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