Hello! It's Sportfest month! If you're a regular reader, you may remember that last year I got involved Lytham Sportfest . ...

Lytham Sportfest 2017


It's Sportfest month!

If you're a regular reader, you may remember that last year I got involved Lytham Sportfest. I became a volunteer and photographed the event. It was the last event of my gap year and what a way to remember Lytham by, as my hometown! I met so many amazing people who have continued to help me out throughout the year with my fundraising! So this year I was very happy to get involved once again in any way that I could, especially considering I wouldn't be in the country for the actual event. I've always loved taking part in sports and fitness and seeing an event like this one in my home town was a great way to see what I can get involved in. Not only that, meeting people in a similar mind set makes me feel better if I were to go and join a club. My main problem was that I then went to university so couldn't join any clubs. Either way, it was still great to get involved and open up a few doors so much so that I am now a member of the Sportfest team and we're aiming to make Sportfest bigger and better, second time round!

After the successes of last year it was inevitable that it would return and boy has it returned with a vengeance. Not only are most of the activities returning from last year, but there are so many more aimed at all ages and abilities! There is everything from BMXing, basketball, and archery, to endless fitness classes, cycling timed trials, and orienteering! Pretty much everything you can think of is on the list, and if it's not there yet then there are probably talks going on about getting it involved. There has been a huge interest in participants and sporting volunteers within the community and it's so great to see everyone so enthusiastic about such an event. So far, everything is going very well.

Last year saw sporting heroes Kirsty Mackay and Max Eaves taking part in a number of the activities, mostly held at Park View 4U, as part of the nations campaign #IAmTeamGB in running with the Rio Olympics. This year however, all activities are going to be across Park View 4U and the Queen Elizabeth II playing fields keeping everything in one area all linking with Team Personal Best who are aiming to include this summer into a record breaking year of athletics nationwide. The Lytham Sportfest page is already set up encouraging everyone to come along!

So what activities are going to be there?

Paid for activities:

All the paid for activities are £3 per ticket. However when you book online you can get massive discounts when booking more than one activity. The money goes toward the expense of putting the event on then any profits made go straight back into the local clubs involved as a way of helping improve our local sporting community!

Free Activities:

Currently it doesn't look like there are quite as many free activities as there are paid activities but I personally know that it will completely change over the next week or so! More activities are constantly being added on to the list as the days go by so what you see now is almost guaranteed to not be the final timetable! Plus there will be a bunch of stalls promoting local sporting shops, clubs and therapists! Basically, lots to see and lots to do, and something for everyone to try out!

Head over and follow the Lytham Sportfest Twitter and like their Facebook page to get all the latest news and updates about the event!

Fancy getting involved with an event like this? If you're local then head over to the Lytham Sportfest website to book your place now!

I wish I could see you there but I will be climbing back down Kilimanjaro! Even so, I am running the social media accounts for the website so feel free to head over and have a chat!

Hopefully the rest of the Lytham Sportfest crew will see you there!

- KC xx

Is there an event like this near you? What events would you want to get involved in?

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