Hello! Just before I went away, which is kind of where I am now, my boyfriend, Edmond, went away on a two week trip with his Mum. I kno...

Manchester to Montreal


Just before I went away, which is kind of where I am now, my boyfriend, Edmond, went away on a two week trip with his Mum. I know, not with me, how rude! Anyway, being the unique writer himself, I asked if he could grace you all with a little retelling of his travels. Fortunately for him, it was an organised trip around a few different places across Canada, basically Toronto to Toronto. I'm still unsure as to who organised it exactly but either way the trip covered various big and popular cities as well as a place called Arowhon Pines out in what seemed like the wilderness. I won't spoil it for you as Ed has written quite the account to share his experience with you all. If you like it, comment telling him to start his own blog because he won't listen to me!

Here is part 1 of his trip to Canada!


Manchester to Montreal

A giant white, rigid bird made of a peculiar metal, scarred red from battle, Air Canada engraved deep into its smooth skin, flying across the sunrise sky. An army of us rode said creature for what seemed like hours. On and on, no change to the horizon until suddenly a slight decent took us down below an endless cloud layer. Beneath this soft white carpet, a vast epic river ran, every now and then an outcrop of houses appeared close the riverbank, seemingly dependant on its provisions. Then we landed in Toronto Airport. After this a second shuttle flight took us to our first destination - Montreal. 

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If anyone has seen the English city of Manchester, you'd recognise many similarities. However this city contained many more sky-high buildings. We stayed here for three days. In terms of art, Montreal was definitely the MOST artistic city we visited. I would have said Toronto, and I shall explain why later, but this city was full of not just painted art, but sculptural and theatrical art too. Just by chance, during our stay there was a comedy event - Just For Laughs Festival. This was a 6 day event that was most visible down one street in the centre of town. Down said road were a plethora of food vans selling all sorts of interesting and exciting beverages and snacks. Nestled between these were singing choirs. Every now and then there'd be a theatrical mask group joking with passerby's, sending other running away frightened. Posters advertised "comedy galas" from the likes of Howie Mandel and Jim Carey.  The food stalls here sold some really amazing 'grub' and a separate area entitled "Bouffons" (in red neon lighting) had loads more food to offer and benches to eat at. In general, one of the best parts about this holiday was the food. I'd go back, just for a food tour of Canada. Burgers, salads, waffles, steaks - everything tasted so darn good. Even as we waited for a train to take us to the next destination on our journey, a sudden arrival of entirely painted people walked through the train station. When I say "entirely painted" I literally mean head to toe to finger to hair to luggage entirely one colour - some pink, some red, some sky blue.

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Montreal to Quebec

After they left, so did we. We took a four hour train to city number 2 - Quebec.  In one word - beautiful. We stayed in the older part of town and it was as if we'd caught a train to somewhere in alpine Europe. It was just incredible. The city also nestled on the St. Lawrence River, which made for stunning views looking down and out as it flowed deep and far through the green landscape around us. The thing that made this place so incredibly different to our first stop was the lack of high rise buildings - except our hotel - Le Concorde - that sat at the top of a hill that the city seemed to have been build upon. A lot more buildings seemed to be made of stone and only rose two or three stories high. Behind our hotel, a vast area of parkland, which had the biblical sounding name - Plains of Abraham. However, it was named after some dude in the 1600's. This also overlooked another section of the river. This place was green and lush and full of fresh air, green trees and surprisingly few people.

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Quebec is better known for the other side of the city though, the bottom of the hill where an enormous hotel - Chateau Frontenac - stood not just tall and wide and deep as well. Around it, little streets and alleyways full of shops and cafes. This area had some of the most spectacular views of the St. Lawrence.

Quebec city is full of history too, and they enjoy showing this through bronze statues. Lots of them. They're very proud of their parliamentary history it seems with monuments for the first men and women who held high office both locally and nationally. Each had a plaque with details about their careers most notable successes. There was also information about some of their older history as well from the early 1800's when Canada went through some of its most conflicting moments, trying to establish itself as a nation. The weather here was hot and the sky was bright blue every day, which I think added to the overall enjoyment of the experience. Looking back, I'd totally go here first if I was to visit Canada again.

This first part of my Canadian adventure was certainly memorable. There was so much stuff that I just didn't expect at all - in the best way possible. However there was still so much left of my trip... 


- Edmond


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