HOLA! How are you all doing? Hope your week has been good! It's Friday and this Friday just got better! Especially if you're th...



How are you all doing? Hope your week has been good! It's Friday and this Friday just got better! Especially if you're thinking about going to the Dominican Republic, or perhaps you have already booked! Why? Well, because I have a fantastic opportunity for you!

Last June I went on a two week holiday to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and whilst we were there, our mission was to find out as much as we could about the local community and the Dominican ways. Of course the best way of doing that, I would say, is by actually volunteering and getting physically involved with the communities, but since we were on an all inclusive holiday checking out what tours were available was probably the next best thing. Number one on our list was going on the Outback Safari tour. It was highly rated by all guests at the hotel we stayed at, all that we spoke to anyway, and of course the Thomson Reps. The tour did not disappoint! It turned out to be a huge highlight of our trip and was definitely worth the money. I still look back through my photos and wish I was there! I wrote about the trip here so feel free to go have a read through and find out more about my experiences of Outback Adventures!

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I'm not going to explain too much about them as you can read my previous blog post or easily visit their website, but in short they are a tour company that work with the local communities to share the Dominican culture through off-the-beaten-track trips. Not only that, but they have a sustainable development programme in place to try and help the local environment and communities, through reducing waste, recycling, and selling local produce. Again, there is more about this on my blog post and on their website.

So, why am I saying all this? Well, if you hadn't guessed from the title already:


Recently, Outback Adventures got in touch thanking me for the post about my tour and offered me a free trip next time I am in Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, due to other travel plans, money, and me currently still working hard at university, I haven't got any plans to head to the Dom Rep any time soon. Instead I suggested that I would like to pass on the offer to you! They kindly agreed it would be a great idea, to make sure that someone gets to enjoy the tour!

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What can you win?

The winner will receive a free tour of their choice with Outback Adventures anywhere in the Dominican Republic.

Who can enter?

I'm limiting this competition to people who have booked to go to the Dominican Republic already simply to make sure that someone will actually get to go out and enjoy the tour. If you know someone who is going, pass this post on! If you're thinking of booking, here's a little more incentive!

Want some more information about Dominican Republic? Check out my posts!

How long is the competition open for?

You can enter now! The competition will close on Saturday 24th March at 12am so there is plenty of time to get booking your holidays and then enter!

How do I enter?

Check out the Rafflecopter link below and follow the steps! If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me @kiralcurtis or send me an email at kira@kiralcurtis.com!

Best of luck to all that enter! Can't wait to announce the winner and then hear about how their tour goes! Until then, adios!

- KC xx

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