Hello! Recently I have been noticing more and more people getting the sniffles and having to take days off university to attempt a reco...

Tablets, Toiletries and Travelling - Sorted!


Recently I have been noticing more and more people getting the sniffles and having to take days off university to attempt a recovery. It's likely that they will spend the day in bed dosing up on paracetamol and in a day or two they will be back to normal. For us, it seems to be a constant cycle of colds and alright health. When the weather keeps drastically changing from sun to snow there are bound to be a few illnesses but when it comes to going abroad, if we get ill we don't always have the same comforts to retreat to. I wrote a post before about the importance of staying healthy on holiday but preparing for that back home always seems to slip my mind. In the run up to a holiday all I can think about are the new sunglasses and flips-flops I will buy and maybe what new places I will visit when I'm there. Vaccinations, malaria tablets and every other drug I may need completely vanishes off the pre-travelling to-do list. When there is such little time left, which is generally full of excitement and nothing else, booking in doctors appointments and making trips to the chemist is the last thing you want to do. 

It's all about having no cares in the world when you're trying to enjoy your holiday!

In this day and age, it seems daft that we don't automatically look online for our wanted and needed products and pharmaceuticals. That said, do you really want to trust some random website to provide the right tablets you will need to prevent malaria, as an example? It can get very confusing if you don't know which type it is you need. Luckily with a little research that information is available at ease online! When I went to Tanzania I needed to take a Doxycycline 100mg tablet once a day for the duration of the trip, starting two days before my flight and continuing once daily for 4 weeks after. Going to Dominican Republic, however, does not usually require malaria tablets. All this information is easily discoverable by typing in "malaria tablets (country visiting)" and have a look on the FitforTravel website which is recognised by the NHS and is only what doctors and nurses will use when you book an appointment.

Would much rather be making a fool out of myself on holiday instead of worried about my health!

Otherwise, if you're still not sure, websites such as Chemist4U, where you can buy your needed tablets, have an online Pharmacist you can talk to over the phone, via email, or via live chat. They are available to do your research for you or confirm any research you have done whilst searching for what you need. They are able to provide all the necessary details and advice for your travels and you can even transfer any prescriptions you have already so any orders you make all come at once, delivered straight to you door! How handy! Perfect for those time when you're too busy or lazy to book in actual appointments. You can do all this from the comfort of you own home, or in my case, my own bed. Not only that, if you're short on some toiletries for the trip they sell all sorts of body and beauty products too, so you might as well add it all to your basket at once!

What a way to make life much easier! Since I'm so busy with university work at the moment, arranging my holiday plans is all done in my spare time online. Chemist4U is making my life much easier! I may have even bought my Mum's birthday present off there!

Holiday organised.
Not just to wait until flight day!

Until then,
- KC xx

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