Hello! As I'm sure you've realised, there has been a wonderful heatwave here in the UK over the past week or two and it has bee...

Holiday Cake


As I'm sure you've realised, there has been a wonderful heatwave here in the UK over the past week or two and it has been lovely to not have to carry around a coat and two jumpers everyday! I spent most of my morning rummaging through my wardrobe attempting to find some clothes that were at least a tiny bit more summery than the black crop top I ended up wearing. The only summer clothes I own are already in the wash so I spent the day suffering in all black. At least my pants were three-quarter length. Though that didn't make much difference. Yes, I am typically British and have complained about it being too hot today but mostly because I want to be on holiday soaking up the sun and relaxing by the poolside with a cocktail in my hand. I do have a holiday booked but it's not until Christmas and with 4 essays currently due in and a set design project to be doing, I'm finding it difficult to get excited. There is much more to be doing or even to be looking forward to before all that!

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The actual summer months are on their way which also means fathers day! Every year I struggle to figure out what to get my dad which he hasn't already got. Pyjamas might always be needed, and I know it's always nice to get new pjs, but it's not very unique is it? A couple of bottles of beers is always a good shout but once they've been drunk, that's it. No stand out memories are being made. So when bakerdays got in touch, that gave me a perfect idea.

I always rattle on about giving holiday trips or flights as presents, because what better than giving someone the opportunity to explore a whole new culture and country - definitely a memory maker! However, as much as I love it, it's not quite as exciting handing over a wad of paper work as evidence of a flight ticket or booking confirmation as it perhaps was 5 or 10 years ago. Nowadays you have to print everything off yourself or use an app. You no longer receive your tickets in the mail, in their little wallet! They never look as good in a scrapbook afterwards. So perhaps it's all about finding a new way to tell someone you've bought them a holiday as a present (hint hint, fathers day is on its way)!

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I've had the pleasure of working with bakerdays before which then led me on to buy my Grandad a letter box cake for his birthday since I was unable to go and see him. This time, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to use the cake as a not-so-subtle hint that you've bought a holiday as a present, for example on fathers day! (Or in my case I was given the cake for review so I used it as a reminder of a holiday.)

What a perfect way to hand over booking confirmation - give it in cake. bakerdays do personalised cakes so you are able to have any photo put on the icing, whether that's on its own or in one of their templates for every occasion. You can choose to personalise the cake with a photo of the place of the holiday or you can always send the booking confirmation as a image to be put on to the cake (be careful not to share any personal information)! On the templates you can change the text to say when and where they are going.

Bakerdays, cake, holiday, travel, travelling, dominican republic, dom rep,

There are many perk to using bakerdays, but most importantly their cake is so delicious! My Grandad even said so - you can take his word! So if you're thinking of giving the gift of travel, let them know by giving them the gift of gorgeous cake too. What more could a person want? I know I'd be completely over the moon!


Hope you all spoil your dad, I'm sure he deserves it! 

Enjoy the sun!
- KC xx

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