Hello! Happy Holidays! Well, I guess it's not exactly Christmas, and I'm not on an actual holiday, and it's not summer holi...

Holiday Health - Uber Sonic Toothbrush


Happy Holidays!

Well, I guess it's not exactly Christmas, and I'm not on an actual holiday, and it's not summer holidays for everyone just yet, but with this sun we might as well give ourselves more excuses to think that we're on holiday. I keep making myself smoothies that taste like I'm abroad and I'm half tempted to go and buy a paddling pool just for myself. Bad idea? Nah! The sun and summer always tend to bring out the healthiest in people. Along with the fruit smoothies, I've been playing hockey and am starting to get myself into a bit of a fitness routine (it's taken me long enough). Salads are on the dinner menus and I've made some ice lollies out of fruit juices. All stuff I wouldn't even think about doing in bad weather. It's common that we tend to take care of our bodies that little bit better when the sun is out so it's important that we also take care of our oral hygiene too. I was offered the opportunity to review an Uber Sonic toothbrush and although it's not immediately travel related, I couldn't help myself but say yes. I've always been a sucker for electric toothbrushes. When I was a kid I remember being told that there was no point as they aren't much different than a regular toothbrush and they weren't worth the money but then I bought myself one with some pocket money and it was the best thing. Ok, so it wasn't exactly the best but I was just excited at the fact the top moved, and the you could change the colours and you know, daft things like that. From then on though, I never had one again, until now!

Uber Sonic

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What does the box say? You're teeth will be whiter because of the 'extra efficient bristles', the high speed movement of 35000 per minute makes plaque removal more efficient than your average toothbrush, and that the bristles are 'uniquely designed' and perfect for sensitive and deep cleaning.

What is in the box? The Uber Sonic toothbrush with refill head and charging base.

How does it work? From my uses, it's not like your average electric toothbrush where you have a little round head that spins about half way. Instead, this is more in between that and a normal static toothbrush, and in my opinion, what is preferred. The toothbrush comes pre-charged, though if it needs charging you simply plug in the base and place the toothbrush on top. Obviously you do the usual by putting toothpaste on the bristles, then press the button. The bristles move so fast it just feels like they are vibrating. Every 30 seconds there is a small break for what they call a moment to wake you up and remind you to switch jaws. After 2 minutes the vibrating stops and teeth brushing done!

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Opinions I have really been enjoying using the Uber Sonic toothbrush. I am phenomenally lazy, especially when I first wake up and often cannot be bothered to move my arm. This toothbrush has been perfect for me as the movement is light and great for sensitive teeth, and the pulse breaks are very good at surprising me as I drift off again. It is really simple to use and the battery life has been very good, I am yet to charge it, which makes it perfect for travelling. It is lightweight and you can easily take off the toothbrush head to make it fit into a smaller space, if that's what you need when travelling. Not to mention that it is pretty stylish. No more bright green toothbrush that clashes with the bathroom walls.

I have been very impressed by Uber Sonic and this toothbrush, and I shall definitely continue using it. Looking forward to trying out their whitening kit which comes free with your first starter pack!

It's not very often that I would suggest to people to fork out their money on an electric toothbrush but I do believe this is worth your money. So feel free to go check them out if it's something you fancy!

Keep those teeth lovely and white, even on your holidays!

See you later!

- KC xx

*I received this product in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

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