Hello! When you’ve got a vacation planned, you’ve more than likely worked long and hard hours so that you’re able to treat yourself to...

How to make the most out of your break away


When you’ve got a vacation planned, you’ve more than likely worked long and hard hours so that you’re able to treat yourself to a nice break away from normality. It’s understandable that you’ll want to make the most of every second of your vacation too, so that you can return home with plenty of lovely memories, a nice tan, and also feeling super relaxed. Even if you’re the type that likes to spend all day on the beach, there are ways in which you can make the most of your vacation, so take a look at these tips on how you can really get your money’s worth and make the most of your break away.

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Spend more time doing...
...and less time taking pictures. While you want to document your vacation so that you can look back on photos and videos that you’ve taken, it’s all too easy to spend too much time worrying about pictures and not actually experiencing your break away. Keep your camera on you by all means, but try and spend more time doing rather than standing around to get the perfect insta photo. If you really want to document every second possible that you’re away, consider investing in a camera that you can attach to yourself to record as much footage as possible!

It’s also a good idea to have your waiter at the restaurant take a photo of you, so that your photos are more than just selfies by another beautiful spot you’ve come across.

Take an alternative route of travel
Planes are an efficient way of getting from A to B, but they can be boring and uncomfortable. Why not take an alternative route of travel like a cruise so that you’re able to roam freely and see sights along the way? Bolsover Cruise Club offers plenty of cruise holiday deals, and can make it feel like your vacation starts from the second you board the ship.

Alternatively, you could take a few extra days of vacation from work and choose to drive to your destination. Ferries now make it possible to cross seas with your car, and it gives you yet more chance to experience new areas of the world. Why not make a few stops along the way and experience the different cultures and cuisines? It will certainly help turn your break away into a vacation to remember!

Go with those you love the most
One of the best ways of making sure that you make the most of your time away is by going on vacation with those that you love the most. Perhaps you’ve got a close circle of friends that you’d like to take with you, or you’d like to turn it into a large family holiday? Either way, an experience is best shared with those you care about. Another bonus of going in a large group of people, is that the cost can be spread further, meaning not only are you going to have an amazing time, but it’s going to cost a fraction of the price than if you did it alone!

Try everything at least once
Finally, when you’re in a new city or even country, it’s important to experience everything around you so that you can feel fulfilled about your time away. As mentioned earlier, even if you’re the type that prefers to be on the beach as much as possible, there’s always new things to do. Try out new sports, go fishing, have a banana boat ride, rent a horse, grab some ice creams, or maybe even spend some time topping up your tan. Look around for things to do so that you can pack as much in as possible and try everything at least once. You are on vacation after all!

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