Hello! When it comes to travel, you can find a lot of tips online about how to spot the best deals, find the dates to travel, and save...

How to Save Money on your Travels by Packing Smart


When it comes to travel, you can find a lot of tips online about how to spot the best deals, find the dates to travel, and save on your accommodation. However, packing the wrong things and having to pay for things you can take with you can also save you money. If you go over your limit, you will have to face unexpected fines. At the same time, you will have to carry your luggage around, so you want to travel light. Below you will find a few tips on how to travel and pack smart, so you can make the most out of your luggage allowance and budget at the same time.

Old clothes to throw away
If you have some old clothes you don’t really want to keep, you might take them on your travels, wear them when you are going to the market, or hiking, and then simply throw them away, Once they have reached the end of their lifetime, you can make the most out of their use one last time and free up some space for whatever you would like to buy or take home with you, without having to squeeze in everything in the same small space. This travel tip is great if you are visiting a country where you are likely to go on a tour or hike.

Buy instead of packing
In case you are visiting Asia, you might be better off not taking many clothes at all, instead buying them. No matter if you are after a local outfit that will allow you to blend in your environment or a designer item, chances are that you are going to save a lot of money. If you go to the market, you can get a made to measure suit for less than you can imagine and come back with an item that you can wear for a long time and make use of.

Smart outfits
For a beach holiday, you will not need too many clothes. In fact, you can use a poncho or a scarf in more than one way, Wear it in the evening to keep the chill off your shoulders, tie it as a beach dress during the day when you are popping into the bar, and make a smart tie out of it when dining out. One small item can have several uses for your vacation, and this will save a lot of space. Likewise, you can plan your outfits and mix and match the items so you get a new look every day without having to pack for a month. Smart outfits for travel can save you a lot of time and space.

Food, cosmetics, and drinks
You don’t have to take your kitchen cupboard with you or a whole pack of your favourite tea bag, either, There are several resealable bags available that will let you pack your food items flat, so you don’t have to worry about the space. Chances are that you will not be allowed liquid on the plane, anyway, so why not take some condensed powder instead, so you can make your favourite drink once you have arrived. The same applies to toiletries: get small containers that hold just enough of everything you will need for your vacation.

Just one device
If you are a travel blogger, and are looking to explore a main attraction without the crowds in the hope that you will capture some stunning images for your Instagram feed, you might feel like you need several devices to update your site and edit your images. For more info on staying away from the crowd, make sure you check relevant websites. Choose one device and install all your apps and software on it, and make sure that it takes pictures that are suitable for what you would like to use them for. Devices can be a pain to take through security, so the fewer you have the better you can plan your trip.

Weigh your luggage
Before you set off, you will have to weigh your luggage to make sure that it complies with the regulations of the airline you are travelling with. It is important that you check the accuracy of your scales, as if you get it wrong you will still be fined. Most airports have their tested and reliable scales outside of the boarding gates, too, and for a few coins you can make sure that you can avoid the expensive fines. Don’t forget about measuring the dimensions of your suitcase, either, and checking the updated regulations on the airline’s website.

Take a soft bag for sightseeing and beach
In case you are only allowed one piece of luggage when you are travelling by plane, you need to get smart. Get a soft bag that you can use for sightseeing and going to the beach and fold it carefully in your luggage. This will make your life much easier when you get to the gate and when you arrive at your destination, too. Instead of trying to pack in a large leather tote bag, you will save space and reduce the weight of your bag, too.

Laundry bags
Get a few plastic bags that are resealable for your used clothes, so you can keep them separate from the ones you haven’t worn yet. This will allow you to pack in the most economic way, without having to separate the two types of clothes. If you can fold up or roll up some of your clothes and get your laundry bag sealed, you will not have to wash everything. At the same time, you will have to get a bag for your shoes, as well to keep your clean clothes free from contamination.

In case you would like to pack smarter and make the most out of your baggage allowance, you will have to adopt some smart habits. Don’t take what you don’t need, put your chargers and small items inside your shoes to save space, and keep your clean and dirty clothes separate in a sealable bag.

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