Hello! Travelling can have a huge impact on the world. Sure, it can really help a destination’s economy be boosted by all the extra ca...

Giving back while you travel


Travelling can have a huge impact on the world. Sure, it can really help a destination’s economy be boosted by all the extra cash brought in by tourists, but there are also some big negatives that can affect the local community too. For instance, it often leads to gentrification that can price local families out of the cheap areas. Not only that, though, but the environmental impact can also be huge as long plane journeys and car travel can damage the environment.

Because of this, a lot of eco-conscious tourists and travellers now try to give back while they are on vacation. By doing so, they can improve the local community at the destination they travel to, and lessen the overall impact of their travels. Is this something that you are interested in? Here’s a quick guide that can help you give back while travelling the world.

Take an ethical tour

If you are interested in travelling with a tour group as part of your trip, you should investigate the company you book with. Ideally, you should always book with an ethical tour group. These are ones that donate part of their profits to local charities based in the areas they travel to. Some of them will even hire local people to help create jobs in the area. It’s always best to go with these ethically minded companies rather than ones that don’t try to fix the negative impact they have on local communities.

Volunteer with a local charity

Some charities welcome tourists to volunteer with them while they are travelling. This is usually a very popular option with people who are on their gap year. But, as you can see from the example set by Kirk Chewning, you don’t have to just be on your gap year to help out with a charitable organisation. If you are travelling through a region that has recently been blighted by disaster, you might be able to help with the relief effort. Alternatively, you might want to travel to an African country and help to build schools and wells.

Support local businesses

Of course, supporting charities isn’t the only way you can help local people. If you buy products from local businesses, you will be helping to keep their economy afloat as well. Similarly, it is always best to use public transport rather than hiring vehicles from outside companies. It may not seem like much, but you will actually be providing a big boost to the local economy.

Donate unused air miles

If you are a member of an airline loyalty scheme, you will have probably been collecting air miles for quite some time. Got some air miles leftover that you might not use? Well, if so, you can donate these to a charity of your choice. Most charities accept them and use them to fly out their workers and volunteers so that they can help on the ground in developing areas.

There are lots of ways to give back while you are travelling. Which one will you try out?

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