You’ve just finished years of school, and you are at a bit of a crossroads. You could head straight back into education, or you could take...

Let's Talk Gap Years - Why They Are Great

You’ve just finished years of school, and you are at a bit of a crossroads. You could head straight back into education, or you could take a little break. Choices, choices… Well. More colleges and universities are encouraging students to take gap years, and it has a lot to do with the rate of personal growth you can achieve in a gap year. You might decide that ultimately it’s not for you, but in the meantime here are a few reasons that you might be thinking about taking a gap year.


It goes without saying that if you have a year off the chances are you’re going to make the most of it. You’re young, likely don’t have the type of job that can’t function without you, not serious payments yet, and probably no children either. There is no other time in your life that you will get this opportunity. So take it while you can.

You'll Know You

This is a big one. When you dive straight into university, you might find that half way through your course you just aren’t doing what you truly love. All of that time and money has been wasted. If you take the time out, to travel, to work, to meet people and to work out who you are, the chances are when you come back and go to university you’re going to know who you are, what you love and be able to manage the expectations much more easily. The perks of that? Lowering your stress levels by miles, because you’re going to be more relaxed, capable and that little bit older. A year makes a lot of difference.


On that year out, you’re going to have to learn to manage your cash perfectly by yourself. In college, you are laden with debts, money worries and trying to work out the cheapest way to do everything. When you’ve got a year of personal money management under your belt, you’ll be able to cope with whatever is thrown at you. And, if you really start to get bogged down, a quick search on  will help you relax again. Knowing what your options really are, and how to handle money down to the last cent is more beneficial than you’ll ever know.

Stand Out

When it comes time for applying for jobs, you might feel like you’re in a disadvantage being an old graduate, whereas actually having a year of activities in place of studies, then completing your degree looks impressive. As long as you make the most of that year out, by volunteering, working, travel, even some smaller courses, then you’re going to have an edge. Soaking up culture is just as important, so make sure you get that across on your CV.


This can be the first time in our lives we have really had the time to stop and slow down and think about what we really want. Long waits for trains, beaches, plane journeys - all provide the perfect backdrop to just ‘be.’

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