Grunt, slap our alarm clock onto snooze, and roll over! That is the way most of us start our day! Of course, it's not exactly the ideal ...

Start your day right: the perfect early morning routine

Grunt, slap our alarm clock onto snooze, and roll over! That is the way most of us start our day! Of course, it's not exactly the ideal beginning. In fact, by starting your day right, you can create a positive mood and productive atmosphere that allow you to achieve a great deal more. That is why I have been working on the art of perfecting the early morning routine. Something you can read all about how to do in my post below.

Set one alarm

How many alarm do you set on you open each night to wake up in the morning? Two, three, more? Well, this behaviour may actually be sabotaging your ability to get up nice and early! This is because psychologically you are sending a message to your brain that you don't expect to get up the first time your alarm goes off. Something that makes it much more likely that you will roll over and then snooze your way through all of your other alarms as well.

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Remember too that every time you go back to sleep, you are minimising your own ability to feel like you have had a refreshing rest. That is why it's crucial if you want to start the day right that you set only one alarm, and make sure you get up properly once this goes off.

Next, you will find a lot of early morning routines that instruct you to get straight into the shower, or exercise. However, what I have found works best is if you actually allow your mind and body a little time to wake up.

What this means is heading downstairs for a light breakfast, some water, and above all else a good cup of coffee. Not just any coffee will do either, in fact, I like to make it something of a treat and go for a specialty brew like the ones that Two Chimps Coffee offer. Then, no matter what my day has in store for me, I know I will be awake, alert, and up to the task.

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Forget about frogs

Another piece of advice for early morning that I have come to realise is misguided is the eating of a frog. Not the actual act of course, but the idea that if we have something hard to do we should get that done first.

Instead, I think it's much better to do something straightforward, but that provides you with a sense of mastery. Such as tasks including a brief tidy up of the house, putting some washing on or out, or even make the bed. Then you will feel as if you have already achieved something that day, and it will make it easier to continue on positively.

Start your day with an intention

Lastly, before you rush off to deal with the craziness your day has in store for you, it can be useful to get really quite and set a positive intention first. To do this, you may review your goals for the week or month, meditate, or even do some yoga. Then you will be ready to face your day because you will have already started it in a positive fashion.

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